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Insanity of Schools Opening: Kids Will Spread Covid-19 Far and Wide

LONDON - England - As Covid-19 cases make another massive leap, in a moment of collective insanity, schools are opening tomorrow amidst the carnage.


In England and Wales, the amount of infected has risen again after a massive jump to 2,988 cases in one day, and already a school has been forced to close after 5 teachers were infected with the deadly virus, yet tomorrow all schools across the country are opening.

The increased footfall, and enclosed classrooms will carry the airborne virus far and wide, as the asymptomatic viral loads are spread by particularly virulent children onto adults.

These days, schools are no more than childcare dumping zones for parents who cannot be bothered to look after their children, instead of one parent working, both parents work so that they can afford the holidays and other material objects they as greedy consumers desire. Fuck the welfare of their children, or even their own health, because many will succumb to the virus eventually and die.

The virus will infect parents, and grandparents, via their children. Many people are obese, diabetic, or have other underlying health issues known or unknown. The virus does not care about this, in the classrooms it will linger in the air as children are taught their lessons, the act of speaking out aloud is enough for the particles to be transported across any enclosed space. Breathing in the virus, or touching surfaces will infect millions more in the schools, as many secondary school children have to take public transport to school and back.

Parents will be fined by the government if they refuse to send their kids in to be infected, therefore it is a forced death sentence for many older parents who may very well succumb to the virus, the last thing they will think before they are put in an induced coma in some dark dank Victorian NHS hospital with joyful dancing nurses twirling around them doing a TikTok video, will be great remorse that they did not just take the fine.

With no masks allowed in schools, it will be certain that many will be infected with Covid-19, because the viral load ingested will be greater. It is proven that masks reduce the level of viral infection, but the insanity of guidelines and orders from government ban masks in schools, yet in places like shops, they are mandatory.

There is no consistency in policy, which increases fear levels amongst knowledgable parents, which the other more ignorant parents cannot understand, happily sending their kids off to school without a thought. The old adage, ignorance is bliss comes to mind when describing the moronic selfish parents who do not and cannot think without being directed by some government mouthpiece.

The deadly Covid-19 schools experiment therefore starts tomorrow, and is a forced scientific experiment on live subjects, children, their parents, their grandparents and other relatives. Not even the scientists know what will happen in the next coming weeks, or months, but the augurs do not bode well.

Thanks to the idiocy of the dumb ministers in charge, we are all doomed to have a second wave which will be even more deadly than the previous one.

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