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TOP 10 Casino Streamers Making Money Playing Free Slot Machines with No Download

SYDNEY - Australia - Casino streamers are seriously racking up the cash and viewers on platforms like Twitch. Here are a few top streamers to follow.

More and more streamers in Australia are broadcasting their gambling-related gameplay and make money on it. Especially in the current global pandemic situation, online platforms are thriving, and with them, casino streamers and everyone associated with the online sector.

Australians collect many subscribers and viewers who watch live broadcasts of the gameplay of video games in online casinos, whether the game is played for real money or not. Most streamers use such well-known platforms as YouTube and Twitch. They don’t even need to play for real money to earn money, because the profit comes anyway.

The audience is mainly divided into two camps: those who want to learn and understand more about casino slots to win real money, and those who like to watch someone play.

They watch broadcasts just for fun. Casino streamers often show various exciting moments of the game, tell you how to get a free spin, what a no deposit bonus is, participate in bonus round games, and play them.

You can also see honest reviews about games, casino platforms, and the best places you can play on trusted channels. There are many sites in Australia where players can try out no deposit bonuses, free spins, and slots with bonus round games after seeing a stream. If you look for online games to play just for fun or win real money, try at first free slot machines with free spins no download to make up your mind as the impression of streamer and your experience can differ in choosing the hottest slots in Australia.

So, let’s talk about the TOP 10 casino streamers, who have an impressive audience and make money not only on paid slot machines.

1. TheOutlaw

theoutlawWell-known Australian casino streamer Jaydan Jamieson has as many as 5009 followers at his disposal, which is quite impressive. Jamison mainly streams how he plays casino slots, blackjack, and roulette on the Twitch platform.

Viewers are amused to watch the Australian broadcasts because he shows not only how and what he is playing, but also his real emotions. When he wins, he screams violently and losing leads to a kind of hopelessness and constant sighing – which looks very funny.

Jamieson also organizes various draws on its channel, including charity streams.
The stream is not the main activity for Jamieson, but he still makes good money thanks to various support and sponsorships. He hopes that gaming streaming will become his main activity in the future.


2. ClassyBeef

classybeefA project from Malta has quickly gained popularity since spring 2019. Four participants broadcast their game processes on slot machines for real money. At first, there were only Espen and Joe; they created the project itself, then hired Marco and Nando. The project adds more than 111 thousand followers, and their number is growing incredibly.

Guys make various bets, such as 10 euros per spin, which are quite affordable for most players, but they also make risky purchases and bets. ClassyBeef content is captivating with its positivity and variety, especially when the winnings are incredibly huge, and the stakes are minimal.

The most famous games the guys played and for which they got the most significant winnings:

● Fruit Party
● Vikings Unleashed Megaways
● Punk Rocker
● NetEnt’s Dead


3. Roshtein

roshteinVideo blogger and multimillionaire Roshtein (Ishmael Swartz) has gained significant popularity due to his streams’ unusual presentation as he plays in various online casinos.

The casino streamer is very active in many social networks, but his leading platform is Twitch, with 389,481 followers over five years.

Lots of viewers enjoy watching Roshtein’s original streaming, his unusual playstyle. But not everything is so simple, the casino streamer also has anti-fans who do not like his content at all, and to a greater extent, they believe that everything is fake.

Still, the secret of Roshtein’s popularity can be broken down into several points:

● He is continuously improving, working hard, and investing a lot in creating streaming.
● Analysis, strategy development, and just a bright addictive game.
● The real live broadcast constantly appeals to the audience.
● Presence in different social networks.


4. Spintwix

spintwixRoy Nelson is probably the most open casino streamer. He does not hide his life but rather openly shares it. He broadcasts the game on slots and sometimes tabletop games on Twitch for three years, six days a week, and has just over 19,000 followers, but Roy has not yet reached its popularity.

The casino streamer plays mainly slot machines, but you can also see streams with poker and roulette. For his broadcasts, Roy chooses new exciting toys, and they attract more viewers. He also attracts viewers with his real bright emotions. For example, his 8000 Euro win in Cash-O-Matic by NetEnt, he had an extreme reaction with shouts, having an impressive experience of the gameplay – it looked a little strange, but fun. Roy also received big wins in games such as:

● Donuts
● White Rabbit
● Rick and Morty Megaways


5. LetsGiveItASpin

letsgiveitaspinKim Hultman is streaming new slot machines, testing them for strength, and redistributing special attention to free. His channel has 54121 followers, but this is not the limit, and their number is growing well. Kim streams mostly three days a week, but sometimes there are a couple of streams a day. He also co-founded CasinoGrounds with Tobias Svensen, founded with the help of Lee-Ann Johnstone (AffiliateINSIDER CEO).

In May 2019, the streamer celebrated the launch of OpalFruits by playing the initial 100 spins on the slot machine.

He hosted a round-the-clock charity stream with his friend and co-host Blanco. The guys participated in various competitions and raised about 47,000 euros to help fight the global coronavirus pandemic. And the guys are not going to stop there.


6. IamLaura

iamlauraLaura was born in Australia, but lives in Europe and is one of the few female slots streamers. She has been streaming her game on the Twitch platform for only a few years, but she has already collected over 24 thousand followers. The number of the girl’s followers is growing well, but not super-fast – it could be since she rarely broadcasts.

Not too long ago, Laura gained recognition in the game streaming community, winning as much as € 5,000 playing Jammin’ Jars. The girl is considered one of those streamers who use the latest slot machines based on their live broadcasts. It is why she receives a growth of new viewers on her channel and the fact that the streamer is a girl – after all, this is still very original and fresh in the world of streaming and gambling.


7. NickSlots

nickslotsThe Yorkshire streamer, famous for his sharp remarks and frequent use of swear words during his gaming live broadcasts, has 29,338 followers on the Twitch platform and almost 40,000 on YouTube. Also, he is a member of the CasinoGrounds streamer group. Only at the beginning of the year, the streamer doubled its subscribers on the streaming platform. Which made him fall into the list of fast-growing streamers.

Not everyone likes and welcomes Nick’s rude streaming style. Many speak out against him, but the majority still like him because he makes bets available to regular users and quite often to remain interesting. Nick’s biggest win can be considered a win of 27 thousand pounds sterling in Raging Rhino’s slot machine.


8. CasinoDaddy

casinodaddyOne of the most popular streaming channels for gambling is run by three brothers from Sweden: Karl Anton, Erik, and Mathias Joelsson. The brothers have more than 152 thousand followers on Twitch and 64 thousand on YouTube, and the most-watched video on the last platform has gained more than 2 million views.

It all started with working with poker brands, collaborating with casinos, and has grown into something more, although the guys didn’t go well at the beginning of their Twitch streams. Some envious people consider the brothers to be scammers and sometimes even block their account on a streaming site, but there is no evidence to think so.

Streamers believe that the biggest levers of success are: hard work, the right approach, quality, and innovative variety of games.

The most significant victories at CasinoDaddy were in the following games:

● Heroes Hunt
● Jammin Jars
● Star Clusters


9. Daskelelele

daskeleleJack created the channel, but over time his friend Philip joined him, so now on Daskelelele, you can see two streamers at once, who broadcast their game processes with slots and check various bonuses. Streams mostly run from Sunday to Friday at the late time.

Daskelelele boasts 56103 followers on the Twitch platform and 28 thousand on YouTube. The latter will be handy for both beginners and already experienced players. Everyone will find some new information for more successful game processes.

Viewers love to watch Daskelelele’s streams. They are full of sincerity, frankness, practical advice, and are enjoyable to watch, especially when one of the guys places great bets leading to big wins.

TOP 3 games in which Daskelelele won the largest amounts of money:

● The Money Train
● Temple of Treasure
● Genie Jackpots Megaways


10. JackpotRabbit

jackpotrabbitStream on the game channel underway by Ant and Diane, and everything happens entirely in English, which is very international. Although the channel began its life activity not very long ago, it already has more than 18 thousand followers and is seriously competing in popularity with already advanced channels. Unfortunately, the guys do not host YouTube, which could help them gain popularity even faster.

The guys’ secret is hard work and a professional approach to content creation. Casino streams take place five days a week in the afternoon, which is very unusual and gives the channel originality.

Ant and Diane mainly play for real money in the most popular or newest slot machines, adding more viewers and followers to them every day. Moreover, the guys are amiable and do not mind chatting during the stream.

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