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Say Goodbye to Granny – Children Can Carry Coronavirus in their Noses for Weeks, Study Finds

LONDON - England - Say bye bye to granny when schools reopen. Children can carry and spread coronavirus for weeks on end without any symptoms.

With schools being forced to open, thousands of children will be infected with COVID-19, and even if they show no symptoms will infect adults with their highly virulent contagious strains of coronavirus. Might as well say goodbye to granny, and anyone else over the age of 50 now while you still have the chance. It is highly probable that a child superspreader will eventually disperse a large quantity of virus unknowingly onto their relatives.

The South Korean study, based on 91 children at hospitals and isolation facilities between February and March, found that even among those with few or no symptoms, the virus could be found in their swabs as much as three weeks later. All of the children recovered from the virus.

Goodbye granny

Cases of children with undetected Covid-19 are “worrisome”, they said, because these children could “facilitate the rapid spread” of the virus in the community.

The fact they had detectable virus in their noses for over three weeks, the authors concluded, suggested they were capable of passing it on far and wide undetectable.

The scientists concluded that screening for symptoms fails to identify most Covid-19 cases in children and the virus is detected for an “unexpectedly long time”.

A school classroom is a room as much as any other enclosed space, and within the enclosed space of a classroom, the airborne deadly pathogen will flourish. Take into account that many schools do not have viable ventilation systems, and the risk of infection will increase exponentially. It is strange that other venues outside school are subject to strict rules, but somehow schools are not? A room is room wherever it is, and a congregation of humans is a congregation, wherever it is.

The winter months will see a serious bout of granny-cide when the second wave develops due to children unknowingly spreading coronavirus around their communities from their schools.

Despite multiple warnings and scientific evidence, the governmental departments responsible for ‘education’ will no doubt ignore everything and condemn more people to die from September onwards. Well done. Hope you are fucking happy with yourselves. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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