How To Remain Relevant During COVID-19: 3 Ways To Optimise Web Content

LONDON - England - The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many businesses including those on the web. Here is a guide on 3 ways to optimise your web content.

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Maintaining a strong digital presence for your business is more important than ever. 2020’s global lockdowns have heightened awareness of the power of optimisation.

With businesses unable to maintain operations or connect with clients through physical means, digital channels have suddenly become a universally essential global business tool. As such, the opportunities optimised content offers companies as they seek to harness their target market, increase website traffic and boost profits, is huge.

In truth, for any modern business to remain relevant in the contemporary digital age, an effective website has long played a central role. Now, more than ever, users all over the world are choosing to use digital channels to connect with businesses.

As Todd Maxwell highlights in business owners “need to think about their website as the mother ship — it’s the most important piece of your digital marketing assets. You work so hard and spend so much money to drive quality leads to your website; you can’t fumble when you get to the goal line. You’ve worked way too hard.

As the strongest asset in your portfolio your website should be expertly optimised and filled with high quality, relevant content that will rank highly in search, connect with your target market and secure prized organic traffic.

The question, is how do you do that? How do you optimise a website for today’s competitive digital market and ensure your business remains relevant? Let’s take a look at three powerful ways to optimise content for the strongest online presence.

  1. Revamp Your Landing Page

There is a reason why the landing page is seen as the most important weapon in digital marketing. Your landing page is the place your online traffic reaches first.

According to experts at Web Design London a revamped landing page can transform your success online.

A sophisticated landing page with a clear message about why your user needs your product or service creates a strong impression. If properly optimised, your landing page will ensure your visitors convert to paying customers with ease – an essential tool if you want to increase leads and sales for your business.

Using the latest graphics, insightful business analytics and contemporary design trends you can create a refreshed landing page layout that gives your site instant appeal with a look that is modern and on trend.

2. Clear Outdated Content

If you haven’t had a clean-up of your website content it is probably time you did. Search engines use complex algorithms that are sensitive to the age of your content. If your site is full of old content, it will prevent you from ranking well and cause your website visitors endless frustration as they struggle to find the information they need.

Whether old promotions or irrelevant articles, remove outdated content to improve your website SEO and provide a better customer experience.

3. Develop Intuitive Navigation

Website navigation is critical if you want to create a seamless user experience. Navigation for your site should be built around a clear sales strategy that allows both users and search engines to move through your site with ease.

Writing in, Benj Arrida advises: ‘Users come first. This is the underlying objective of website navigation you must always remember. Satisfy users first. Make navigation easy. Then, optimise for search engines without hurting the user experience.’

Begin by putting yourself in your user’s shoes. You start your journey on the landing page – where do you want to go next? The answer should help you to develop the beginnings of a clear strategy for your website navigation.

Many companies choose a navigation strategy that leads their customers to the most important information about their business first and includes carefully positioned, organic calls-to-action to keep users engaged and promote sales.

Delivering a long term ROI for your business, whatever the economic climate, a properly
optimised website will prove a powerful tool for revenue generation, able to withstand the many challenges we face today. A refreshed landing page, clear navigation and up to date content, will ensure your business website is a solid asset, ready to weather any storm.