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Children to be Sent Over the Top of Trenches Because of Selfish Parents and Economists

LONDON - England - Children are being sacrificed by governmental experts and selfish parents ordered into virus infected classrooms.

Suffer the little children. There is a certain World War I spirit around right now, especially when referencing the school reopening governmental push which is quite similar to the poor soldiers who were ordered over the trenches in the Somme in 1916.

This time it is the poor suffering children who will bear the brunt of the COVID-19 virus as they are ordered into crowded classrooms to not only infect each other but their teachers and parents.

Naturally, a coterie of government approved ‘experts’ have been wheeled out to report that there is absolutely no risk involved, despite WHO warnings, and numerous studies proving that opening schools will increase infection levels exponentially across the nation.

airborne covid-19 risk settings

Civil servants are still working from home, GP surgeries are closed to patients as doctors are conducting work through the phone and video, and multiple companies are allowing their staff to work from home, yet children are being forced to go into classrooms where the airborne virus may or may not infect them. There’s a reason why Google staff, and other tech staff are working from home until June 2021.

One cannot imagine the pure unbridled fear of the young men sent to die in a hail of German bullets in the Great War, whole regiments, entire villages decimated on the orders of Kitchener and his officers. The mementos, the letters to loved ones left behind in the trenches as the conscripted soldiers were ordered over the top. The sound of the sergeant’s whistle, the hurried shouts of the men going up the spindly wooden ladders and the mud. The Germans mowing down whole lines of men effortlessly leaving only silence and the horrific sounds of the wounded unable to move, crying out for their loved ones.

This is the same spirit that is being utilised right now by certain elements within the government, who are ordering not grown men to go over the top — but little children. Exposed in classrooms and hallways, cloistered in damp wintry lessons all inhaling the same air and viral pathogen.

There is a certain prevalence in Britain for materialistic career women to view their careers as more important than looking after their kids, and these selfish parents are also the ones pushing the schools to open, to fob their kids off to teacher minders, so they can pay for their luxuries and holidays in Tuscany. Any decent family who actually cared about their children would petition the government to accept a system where children could be taught from home until the global pandemic dies down, but it is the greedy selfishness and utter disgraceful disdain for their own children that these parents are driven by.

There is absolutely no thought for those children who may have pre-existing conditions, or the teachers who may be elderly, or with some kind of manageable condition. There is no thought for parents who may have a healthy child, who could become infected with a large viral load and not show any symptoms, coming home after school and infecting the parents, or elderly grandparents.

school building

Yes, the government is desperate to get the economy restarted, but how will the economy fare when even more people fall sick from the virus because of schools opening? It is almost akin to shooting yourself in the foot, so you can walk faster.

It seems the Conservative government has become so socialist now, they are finding it hard to get out of this rut, and they are also making increasing mistakes in bungled policies à la Gavin Williamson, the poor fool who does not know his left foot from his right.

The global pandemic is an eye-opener for reform in many things, and education of children is one of these elements which must be embraced in a futuristic manner. We as a society can embrace innovation and practicality through technique, or revert to the old ways which fail students for future employment. By introducing a core educational system that does away with the useless dross, concentrating solely on what is useful for functionality in future jobs is the key to education. Furthermore, reform must extend to universities where useless degrees must be abolished completely.

It is also possible that the statisticians and experts also see this generation of children as expendable cannon fodder, as the virus is not going away, these policymakers would rather send the children to be infected either dying, or infecting as many people as possible, cleansing the population.

This is a time of war, and if we are not on a war footing, the virus will win time and time again, wave after wave, until there is nothing left.

Already, in August the R0 level has risen to over 1 in the UK and is daily rising at an exponential level.

The choice is upon the government’s door, to conduct medical experiments on children by shoving them over the trenches into viral classrooms or to protect the next generation, and to upgrade their education by implementing a home study regime that is bolstered by refined technical efficiency.

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