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Useful Idiot Jeremy Hunt Saving Spending War Chest For Labour to Spend

LONDON - England - Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is a useful idiot who is going to leave Labour a vast purse of money to spend.

One thing about a useful idiot is that they’re too fucking stupid to know that they are a useful idiot. Cue Jeremy Hunt, the Scrooge of the Exchequer who is not doing any favours for the Tories. Instead of doing some spending on lightening the load for taxpayers, maybe win a few votes, this guy is making life more miserable for everyone, including the MoD who really need some money at the moment to defend Britain and stuff like that.

Sure, we are not asking for some sort of profligate spending spree à la Sunak or Labour, but a little easing of the cogs would suffice.

The horrible thought does occur though that because of Hunt’s transience, when Labour does win the election, which they will probably do now for certain, they will have a massive purse left over from Hunt’s Scrooge of the Exchequer days to spend willy-nilly as they please.

That’s of course in stark contrast to the last Labour government we had under Gordon Brown when Liam Byrne, chief secretary to the Treasury under Gordon Brown, left a note for his successor stating ‘I’m afraid there is no money!’. Years of horrid coalition government austerity (poverty) ensued.

Maybe useful idiot Jeremy Hunt, who is meant to be in the Tory Party, should leave a little note for the next Labour government saying ‘It’s all there, I saved it for you to spend it all on useless tinpot socialist projects that amount to absolutely nothing. Enjoy!’.

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  1. Jeremy Hunt never did economics or studied it. He knows about as much about economics and finance as my 6-year-old son.


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