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Children Will Die From Covid-19 When Schools Open – Doctor Cites Conclusive Research

NASHVILLE - USA - Dr. James Hildreth does not believe it is safe to open schools for children citing a recent University of Florida proving how easily the COVID-19 virus spreads.


It will not be safe to open schools for children or staff in September, Dr. James Hildreth has explained citing new research from the University of Florida.

One of the most important questions about the virus that causes COVID-19 has been whether the virus is truly airborne and can be transmitted if it’s not part of large droplets. Observations that the virus can be transmitted in normal conversations by someone who’s not showing symptoms certainly supports this idea.

And also, some investigators have sampled air from rooms where COVID-19 positive individuals have been, and they found nucleic acids from SARS-CoV2, the COVID-19 virus. But the PCR test is so sensitive that finding nucleic acids from the virus isn’t the same as finding the virus. So, it has not been definitively proven that SARS-CoV2 virus is airborne until now.

They collected air samples from a hospital room that had COVID-19 patients who were not coughing or sneezing and were in isolation rooms. This room has a fairly sophisticated air ventilating system. The total air in the room was changed six times per hour, or every ten minutes. It was filtered down to 0.3 microns, about three times the size of a virus particle. The air was also passed through a UV irradiation device to sterilize it. So, after all that, they took the air from the room, they subjected it to two things: they look for virus nucleic acids, they also ask whether they can culture virus from the air by putting it onto cells that are susceptible to the virus. The answers to both of those questions were yes.

What’s really remarkable is whether the air was collected from six-feet away or 27-feet away, they were able to find the virus in those air samples. So, despite this sophisticated air ventilating system that included UV irradiation to sterilize it, these investigators were still able to pull the virus out of the air. And keep in mind that these individuals were not coughing or sneezing, they were simply in a hospital room that’s an isolation room. SOURCE

This publication has already cited numerous studies showing that it is not safe to open schools, and the governmental fiasco over A-level results is an example of the type of decision making that is going on that may impact the lives of children in schools. It is clear that the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson does not know what is going on.

To bring children into schools as the infection rate is increasing at an exponential rate can only be described as madness. The numerous studies worldwide have shown that children have much higher levels of genetic material for the COVID-19 virus in the nose compared to older children and adults, and are just as susceptible to complications.

If a nation cares for the next generation of youth, they would not put them in the front lines as some kind of cannon fodder in an experiment that they do not know how it will end.

What the government is thus doing is forcing parents to send their children to schools which will be breeding grounds for Covid-19, because it is airborne, the R0 rate will immediately climb higher and higher.

The government has a moral duty to keep schools closed and if it does not, then it will reap the deathly prize of genocide upon its sclerotic departments.

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