Is a Classroom Not an Enclosed Space?

LONDON - England - The Boris administration has vowed to keep schools open as Omicron virus infections reach unprecedented levels.

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During times of high viral infection, restaurants and other venues where people congregate en masse are closed off to protect the further infection of the population. Why is a school classroom any different to a packed restaurant, gym or pub?

overcrowding schools uk coronavirus superspreadersTechnically speaking, a school classroom is still an enclosed space where people are breathing and talking in close proximity to each other. Boris and his government have vowed to keep schools open whatever the infection rate, therefore, this will lead to increased deaths as vulnerable parents/teachers or children bear the brunt of this hard-headed policy. The Omicron virus does not distinguish between business types or industries, it only sees humans in enclosed spaces breathing upon each other. The closer humans bunch themselves, the better opportunity for the virus to spread. Masks of N95 rating are good, but people neglect the eyes, where miniscule water droplets carrying the virus will land and enter the body, multiplying with ferocity.

If you do not wear an N95 rated mask or higher in public, you might as well not be wearing a mask, therefore this is where much of the population fails miserably by wearing cheap paper masks that are worthless when it comes to the virus.

overcrowding schools coronavirus teachers childrenOf course, where children are concerned, they are unfortunately wonderful asymptomatic carriers of the virus simply because of their youthful antibody strength and metabolism, therefore, should we not only safeguard their welfare but those who will come into contact with these superspreaders? Vaccines do not protect from infection or spread, they are meant to reduce hospitalisation or the severity of the virus. Thankfully, the UK is not seeing the same rate of death or hospitalisation as the first wave in 2020 due in part to the mass proliferation of the vaccine program, however the rate of infection is currently at an exponential level, and there seems to be no end in sight.

By keeping schools open at a time of exponential viral infection levels is highly irresponsible behaviour by the current Boris administration. This sort of hard-headed obstinate policy goes against all medical or scientific advice, and is a serious conduit for a major NHS horror show that will encompass any other periods in its history.

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