Why No One Ever Talks About Ashley Biden’s “Inappropriate Showers With Dad”

DELAWARE - USA - Why are the American press and society in general ignoring the plight of Ashley Biden and her inappropriate showers?

biden kids inappropriate showers

There’s something seriously wrong with a society that willingly ignores child abuse, as is the case with American society today. Here is a valid account from a woman coming to terms with her childhood traumas involving hypersexualisation and alleged inappropriate showers with her own father, that is completely ignored by the media, by journalists who are supposed to report and protect the population, ignored by police forces, ignored by political leaders, ignored by agencies that are meant to protect our welfare.

Naturally, the elephant in the room here is Joe Biden, who is a protected individual due to being a Democrat. The majority of the American press is also aligned with the Democrats therefore biased and skewed in their ‘non-reportage’. Is child abuse not child abuse whatever political faction one belongs to? Why are Democrats allowed to commit such acts without a single word in the Democrat-leaning media being uttered? Is the hatred of Trump and his supporters justification for allowing child abuse to be allegedly committed by a Democrat and go unchecked?

One can only conclude that American society is a deeply malevolent, destructive cesspit of vile bias and tolerance of child sex abuse.

Ashley Biden was only a child, maybe 8 or 9 or younger, when she allegedly had those inappropriate showers with her dad. Those showers, however many, possibly involved inappropriate touching or full sexual acts. In her diary, Ashley does not thankfully go into detail, but it’s there, it exists, and has affected this woman to adulthood. Wracked by these early events perpetrated by her own father, Ashley has been stuck in a twilight world of drug abuse and sex addiction. As a woman, as a human being, her childhood was ripped from her by manipulative adults who were meant to guide her — NOT ABUSE HER.

To compound the issue, the American mainstream media have stayed silent on Ashley’s plight since 2019 when these allegations came to light. Would that not add to her psychosis, would that not add to her abuse, not only by her own father but by the entirety of American society in general?