Beautiful Card From Meghan and Harry Celebrates Holidays

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan and Harry have released a beautiful card for the holiday season.

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The beautiful card released from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Montecito, California, USA, was a gift to the people for another wonderful year of profits.

Across the internet, the masses positively gushed about the incredible picture card celebrating the holiday season of Christmas and New Year from Harry and Meghan.

The Sussexes have truly come far, and are now celebrated by everyone in the USA and the UK.

“They are such a brilliant couple, so giving to everyone with their words. Just yesterday, while I was vomiting into a bucket, I heard Harry lecturing on the radio about how to act and think. Well, he helped me get the rest of the mackerel out. Thank you, Harry!” Elisa Knowles, from Plaistow, England, revealed on her Twitter account.

meghan and harry happy holidays money bags


The glorious Sussexes have had an astounding year at the top of the pile, and are now revered in America as America’s long-lost royal family.

Joe Biden addressed Meghan and Harry today after receiving the card in the mail.

“We always wanted a royal family in the United States of America, and what better than a royal couple who are so in tune with communism. When the ANTIFA Bolsheviks take over America, they will put Harry and Meghan at the top of the state pyramid…or something like that, shibado, num num num! Nurse? I need my bag emptied…ooph!”