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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Screw the John Lewis Christmas Ad – Alternative Released

LONDON - England - If you are sick of the usual Christmas song videos and adverts this festive season, check out the alternative, you will not be disappointed.

Feminists Want ‘Phallic’ Christmas Trees Banned

LOS ANGELES - USA - Feminist groups are urging the banning of all Christmas trees, usually used in the Christmas season and decorated, to be banned as they represent a fertile phallus as conducted in Pagan ceremonies thousands of years ago, and later adopted by Christians.

Get a Free Home Makeover With a Chinese Hoverboard This Christmas

LONDON - England - The popular hoverboards that are sweeping Christmas gift lists across the globe also come with a nice surprise that guarantees a free home makeover.

Russians Eat Turkey Early This Christmas

MOSCOW - Russia - Russian hot head, Vladimir Putin has been spied supping on some early Christmas Turkey this year, with an SU-24 fighter jet downed by the Turks over Turkish air space.

This Christmas Snuggle Up Relax and Think About the Refugees

LONDON - England - Aah, it's Christmas, the fire is going, you can feel the warm waves of heat caressing you gently, the crackle of the flames dancing their orange and yellow waltz.

Christmas Comes Early in Iraq This Year

RAMADI - Iraq - Santa Claus delivered some early Christmas presents to some Iraqi children yesterday.

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