Feminists Want ‘Phallic’ Christmas Trees Banned

LOS ANGELES - USA - Feminist groups are urging the banning of all Christmas trees, usually used in the Christmas season and decorated, to be banned as they represent a fertile phallus as conducted in Pagan ceremonies thousands of years ago, and later adopted by Christians.


“The decoration of the Christmas tree is a celebration of male fertility, and the Christmas tree represents an erect phallus being decorated. This sort of patriarchal nonsense is against women and feminism. We therefore want all Christmas trees to be banned as they are disgusting representations of men, and their supreme phallus. This is gross male domination pure and simple.” Angela Furqar, a representative of Feminist Supremacy Now told CNN.

Google, which panders to the extreme feminist agenda, are currently running information adverts on YouTube about how Christmas trees are an evil thing, and should all be shredded.

Missy Argina, a feminist spokesman for another group was outraged that her local supermarket had a Christmas tree in its entrance where thousands of people see it every day.

“You’ve got this big thing, this phallus, it is erect, it nearly reaches the ceiling, and it is an affront to all that is feminist. Why not have a decorated vagina instead? You see, how the patriarchy has infected every part of our society. All men are scum, and all Christmas trees should be burned and thrown into piles of smouldering garbage.”

The obelisk, which is now seen on many Christian churches and considered to be Christian in nature, was anything but Christian at their historical roots. In Old Testament times the obelisk was shown to be the center of Egyptian sun worship, such as mentioned as the “images of Bethshemesh”

The Christmas tree is an example of a pagan phallic symbol, which once represented fertility worship, now brought into the Christian home for reasons the people themselves don’t understand. They simply believe that they are continuing to carry on a cultural and religious tradition.

In the Babylon Mystery Religion, the true meaning of the obelisk is shown to be associated with sun worship. The ancients rejected the knowledge of the Creator of heaven and earth, and placed their confidence in the sun because, they believed, the sun gave life to plants and to all humanity. Along with this, they reasoned, life was produced through sexual union, so the [upright/erect] phallus became the symbol of life.