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Male Feminist Wrongly Accused of Rape by Feminist Activist Commits Suicide

CLAPHAM - England - A South London man who was a male feminist and activist for decades committed suicide after being wrongfully accused of rape by a female feminist colleague, an inquest has heard.

One Man’s Harrowing Journey to Cure His Toxic Masculinity

LONDON - England - Do you know what it's like living with toxic masculinity? Read about one man's journey to cure himself from his libido once and for all.

Shaving Company Emasculette Develops Razor Castration Device For New Generation of...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Emasculette, the shaving company, has announced the launch of a new product that results in the castration of men. It has received widespread praise in North America with shares rising on the stock market.

Procter & Gamble’s Gamble With Gillette Toxic Masculinity Ad

LONDON - England - Millions of men worldwide are now boycotting Gillette after an ad which portrays all men as leering abusive animals skewing masculinity for anti-male agenda.

Why Men Are Being Targeted in the West

CALIFORNIA -USA - Masculinity and men are being targeted and denigrated in the West for a very good reason by Russia and China.

House of Commons to Ban the Word ‘Woman’

LONDON - England - The House of Commons, after a little jibe from Jeremy Corbyn, has decided to ban the word 'woman' from usage within parliament.

#MeToo Business Dynamics: “Hiring Women is Unknown Risk”

NEW YORK - USA - Big finance companies in Wall Street have a cure for #MeToo, avoid women, and don't hire them.

Christmas Deemed Offensive by #MeToo Call For Complete Ban

LOS ANGELES - USA - #MeToo activists are now calling for a complete ban on Christmas because it glorifies male birth and the patriarchy.

Death of Feminism: Sixties Style Free Love Coming Back

CALIFORNIA - USA - Now that feminism is coming to an end, many are embracing free love and a more fun existence.

Jeez Some Women Are Really Angry These Days

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Women in today's Western society have never had it so good, and are now put above men in many industries, yet there is still a radical feminist element that is devoutly hostile to men.

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