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#metoo Gillette CEO $8 Billion Loss For Anti-Male Ads

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Gillette brand for Procter & Gamble is nursing a massive $8 billion write-down this quarter after a series of anti-male adverts were commissioned by CEO Gary Coombe.

One would have thought that if you have a business model of selling Gillette shaving products to men, the best policy is not to anger your primary clientele?

According to Gillette CEO and president, Gary Coombe, the $8 billion write-down Procter & Gamble experienced this quarter related to his brand, was “well worth it” just for the #metoo credentials. Not sure how Procter & Gamble shareholders would take that sort of comment after such an $8 billion hit in the wallet?

The series of emasculating Gillette adverts commissioned by Coombe basically alienated their core consumer — men, and caused a massive backlash where former male customers who used to buy Gillette products stopped buying them. The #boycottgillette hashtag is still very active today on Twitter, many months after the misandrist advert created by a militant feminist lesbian director, aired.

The strength of feeling amongst many men who previously bought Gillette products cannot be underestimated, and many publicly vow to never touch a Procter & Gamble product ever again.

This quarter an $8 billion write-down, maybe next quarter it will be $16 billion? Even then, for Gary Coombe, it’s all peanuts, as long as the feminist anti-male haters like him.

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