Feminists v Trans Activists – Who Will Win?

MANCHESTER - England - There is currently a gender war going on between feminists and trans activists. Who will win this war?

trans activists

There is a war currently going on, and it’s nothing as trivial as the Russians invading Ukraine or threatening to nuke London in 210 seconds. This war is between two far left factions: the feminists and the transexual activists. Who will win this terrible war as it continues on a daily basis, blighting many lives in the process?

Assaulted by deranged trans activists wearing balaclavas, a feminist campaigner was threatened with arrest for her peaceful protest in front of a statue of feminist icon Emmeline Pankhurst on Sunday in Manchester. Cue feminist celebrity JK Rowling, who praised the feminist protester standing firm in front of the trans activists intimidating the assembled ladies at an event organised by gender-critical campaigners.

Yes, it is easy to laugh, but let us examine the seriousness of this gender war currently brewing under the skirts of both factions.

Feminists are women. Trans activists say that women do not exist. Biological science is being disputed. Trans activists say that if you think you are something that means you are that something, whatever the biological scientific fact is. Biological women dispute the trans activist claims that trans women are women. Trans activists dispute that biological women and feminists are the sole holders of the keys of womanhood.

Since the dawn of Mankind (humankind) women have been women. If we look at things scientifically; women have a different bone structure to men, and also have different chromosomes and oestrogen. Amongst attributes like wide hips, and breasts, as well as softer skin, they generally have the propensity to bleed every month during menstruation and have the wonderful ability to pop out sprogs from their amazing vaginas.

Trans women are essentially biologically male with a masculine bone structure, male chromosomes, an Adam’s Apple, and a set of hairy balls with a cock (unless they’ve had the lot chopped off). Along with the hormonal attribute of testosterone, and hairy bodies, men generally have deeper voices than biological females. Of course, after much cosmetic surgery and extensive hormone treatment as well as having the old meat and two veg unceremoniously lopped off as well as having the Adam’s Apple removed and growing a pair of tits, one still has the core attributes of a male through bone structure and chromosomes. Surgeons then dig out a rudimentary gash between the trans woman’s legs and call it a vagina, when in reality it is just a hole with the glans of the penis inverted. Where real biological women can have multiple orgasms and give birth, trans women will never feel an ounce of the pleasure a real woman has the capability of feeling during sexual congress or have the ability to give birth. Surgery alone cannot change sex completely because the core of any gender is biological right down to the tiniest atoms.

Trans men on the other hand are still biological women with regard to chromosomes and bone structure as well as hormones. Yes, through extensive painful surgery they have their breasts chopped off, and their vaginas filled in and sewed up. Hormonal injections give them possibly a more hirsute look, but they have to contend with a floppy plastic cock and balls strapped to their groin. Naturally, there is zero sexual pleasure derived from having sex with a real woman whilst bandying around a floppy latex cock and trans men will never realise the extreme pleasure a real man derives whilst sinking the pink. In this respect, these trans men have deprived themselves of any form of sexual pleasure for the rest of their sad lives whilst undergoing extremely painful surgery for the non-pleasure of not being a real man. Trans men however can give birth if their ovaries are intact through IVF treatment.

Maybe in a few hundred years of technological advancement, humans will be able to simply change their bodies as they please, but until then, the cold truth is that brutal surgery on the bodies of humans does not change gender. Cosmetically, certain areas can be changed through surgery, but that still leaves the core of the gender intact.

Trans women are not women and trans men are not men. Anyone who even attempts to argue that point is arguing against scientific fact.

In this respect, it seems the feminists are a few points ahead of the trans activists. It’s certainly fun to watch the current gender war between the feminists and trans activists going on. The feminists are currently not bashing men as much as they used to before because they are now fighting another faction.

Just break out the popcorn, open up another Schlitz and watch it all unfold in front of you whilst giggling your arse off at the insanity of it all.