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Mass Shooting Season Begins Early This Year

BUFFALO - USA - The American mass shooting season has begun earlier than expected this year.

Some say it is a form of American greeting, shoot first ask questions later, or in a mass shooting scenario just keep on shooting. This year, shooting season has come early and caught much of the US media off guard.

Naturally, the impotent anti-gun democrat politicians and activists were all wheeled out to say the exact same things they have been saying every year, and the pro-gun lobby have been doing the exact opposite by staying off-screen.

Do you have to get a special shooting permit for a bit of mass murder in America? No, just put your chosen instrument of death in your car, carry loads of spare magazines and drive to your designated killing grounds depending on your particular prejudice.

It’s not only guns though that Americans employ to mete out mass death, they also employ the services of cars, buses, trucks, knives and pipe bombs.

It’s 19 weeks into the year and already there have been 198 mass shootings in the good ol’ USA. One could perceive this statistic as a sign that tensions are a bit high at the moment, and certainly there have been many factors to consider for the mass shootings. The Covid pandemic, lockdowns, Joe Biden, hyperinflation, recession, war in Europe, high prices at the pumps?

Shit, you can even watch the mass shootings on livestream, like the one in Buffalo, New York State on May 14th. The teenage gunmen even had the courtesy to say sorry for spooking a squealing white guy cowering behind a supermarket counter as he continued his killing spree on ten defenceless African Americans.

In the land of the free, it is essential that you carry a gun, simply because the other guy might have one. Surviving a life in America is as simple as that, either you shoot first or they do.

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