male feminist suicide gillette

A man who accidentally tripped up on a banner left on the ground at a feminism protest three years ago and fell forward onto a female feminist activist where he put his hands out to break the fall, underwent 24 months of a gruelling court case where he was accused of rape by his former feminist friend and colleague.

The male feminist, who cannot be named, fell on top of the female feminist and landed between her legs. By falling in such a manner, an accusation of attempted rape was first upheld, but was then escalated to full rape by the woman, who used to be a close colleague and activist in feminist causes with the man.

“Here is a male feminist who was devout to the cause of emasculation, who supported his own destruction as a man, being accused of something that he was totally against. Even the thought of penetrating a woman was abhorrent to this man and he campaigned for decades as a male feminist activist to end such anti-feminist practices. To be accused by the same feminists of an act that he actively abhorred was an aberration and complete betrayal that sadly led to his tragic suicide,” the man’s lawyer released as a statement at the inquest held in South London.

According to the report at the inquest following the man’s suicide, it was revealed that due to the false accusations he had not only been abandoned completely from his lifelong feminist friends and colleagues, but due to the social stigma, his own family had rejected him, he lost his job, his home and was living at a bus stop in Clapham.

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