beijing high school christmas card daily squib

Amongst the assorted Christmas cards and hate mail we receive yearly, we were particularly enamoured by the wonderful thoughts we received from our fans in China.

The Xiong High School students sent us a card saying how gracious they were to the daily posts of the Daily Squib.

“We love Daily Squib Very much long time!” Lei Ying Lo, 18, wrote on the card.

Another student, Wu Ju Likmi, 19, wrote: “Dai(r)y Squib our teacher say shit but me read!”

The school situated in the outskirts of Beijing has a total of 35,000 students and we had the pleasure of correspondence from class 3450-b.61

We wish to thank all our fans worldwide, and within the UK a wonderful Xmas, and a Happy New Year.

We welcome receiving Christmas cards from all over the world from our fans, so please do write to: DS Christmas Cards, P.O. Box 2907, London, SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom