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Why Men Are Being Targeted in the West

CALIFORNIA -USA - Masculinity and men are being targeted and denigrated in the West for a very good reason by Russia and China.


Throughout history, defeating nations/civilisations depended on undermining men and masculinity. Conquering nations requires a multi-tiered approach and targeting the society of any given nation divides its infrastructure and traditions.

No doubt, the West celebrates its openness and progressive liberal tenets by pushing the trans queer paedophilia agenda onto their children, however by shifting society to the extreme homosexual angle, they are weakening society militarily.

This is why Russia and China are utilising the Western feminist movement as well as the transexual/homosexual push to defeat the West from the inside.

Masculinity is now seen as toxic in the West. Men are targeted daily by anti-male media stories, advertisements, and education in schools.

By targeting children to question their given gender/sexuality, and encouraging socialist leaning parents to push their children to change their gender, especially from male to female, is an effective method of ‘cutting the balls off’ Western society. Agencies are weaponising socialist celebrations of the LGBT community to weaken the West from the inside. When war comes, there will only be a few real men to fight, the rest will not be compatible or able soldiers, this is the ultimate victory for the West’s opponents.

Clandestine operations experts working for Russia are the ones who are encouraging the #MeToo movement, because it destabilises Western society through the breakdown of family units. They encourage feminism and fund feminist activists through the backdoor because to not have a strong masculine West means it is weak and ripe for conquest. These operatives work through many subsidiaries to encourage the Western male to think he is a woman, do the right thing, chop off your meat and two veg at a gender clinic and grow some hormone breasts.

“They are disarming the West, seeding disharmony, confusion, and leaving Western men emasculated, castrated by feminism and socialist activists funded directly by the Kremlin and Chinese espionage experts. S-r-s is key to much of the operational activities but is untouchable,” a source revealed.

Before any attack, one must prepare, these are the tenets of Sun Tzu, and this is what Russia/China are doing — preparing. Weakening the West by eradicating real men, if there are only weak emasculated men left, once the final push comes through, there will be little or no resistance.


Other ways that China particularly is working on to weaken the West is through importation of drugs like Fentanyl, an opiate 50-100 times stronger than heroin, that is decimating whole communities in the United States. The vast pharmaceutical factories in China are working day and night churning out cheap highly addictive drugs to be shipped to America, for a very good reason, disarming the nation from within.

The West is being set up, and nobody but a few can see it. The Russians and Chinese want your son emasculated, they want your son to want to think he is a woman and have his balls chopped off, they want your son to be encouraged at nursery school to be taught in homosexuality by socialist teachers under a poster of a smiling Obama.

The Western media now is geared completely to denigrating men, to weaken masculinity and to encourage male children to be gender reassigned. Through socialism, Russia and China are working to defeat the West to such a point that in the future, they may just march in and be accepted without a single bullet being fired.

When one looks at the societies of Russia and China, there is only strength. Homosexuality and feminism is not accepted, and neither is transgenderism. The onus is on engendering a strong masculine culture, where strength of the male character is valued, because when they are called up for war, they will fight, and not crumble unlike the weak Western male, after decades of targeted emasculation.

When the attack comes, the emasculated Western former men will all huddle in their ‘safe spaces’. The masculine Russian and Chinese soldiers will not feel pity or remorse as they plunge their bayonets deep into the simpering soy juiced chemically castrated manjinas huddled around yelping in fear and proclaiming their undying support of feminism.

War is coming. It is inevitable because of dwindling finite global resources and increases in population in Third World developing nations. The West may have the technological military advantage however that may not be enough if there are not the numbers to operate with boots on the ground.

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