Christmas tree

The pagan ritual of decorating the tree or erect phallus as a symbol of fertility goes back Millennia, but was also adopted by the Christians after they murdered all the pagans thousands of years ago.

The Christians, having murdered the pagans in one of the largest genocides in human history, then adopted many of the pagan rituals as their own, and simply changed the names of these rituals to suit their newly formed religion.

The Christmas tree thus depicts a large straining erect penis which is lovingly adorned with glittering gifts to celebrate its life giving properties, and to bring in the new equinox.

It is delightful, to see every year, people who have no idea that their tree represents a large erect phallus, plonking lights on these things with big innocent smiles on their faces, thinking it has something to do with Jesus, when in reality it has nothing to do with Christmas or the bible.

The presents you put below the erect phallus altar represent the sperm that ejaculates from a penis giving life, the gift of giving, or sacrifice, always puts a smile on one’s face.

Along with the symbol of an erect straining phallus (Christmas tree), there is also the circular wreath to symbolise the womb and sun, both fertile objects, brought forth from the days of Baal and Asherah, Athena, Isis, Ishtar.

Luxury christmas

The round ornaments one decorates the Christmas tree with are symbolic of the testes, the balls that you adorn your large penis with, to give it more potency in its fertile ejaculatory power over the year’s equinox.

Christian women love decorating their trees every year, they delicately stroke the pine branches as if they were pulsating veins on a huge fleshy shaft and adorn the thrusting symbol of male potency whilst stroking the big bursting glittering balls. It is a wonderful thought to know that most feminists are not aware of what a Christmas tree actually represents, and to see them adoring the massive straining phallus in their sitting rooms is a joy to behold, for those in the know.

Ahh, it’s Christmas once again folks, a time to get the biggest tree around, plonk it in your sitting room, light a warm fire, booze up, and admire its sheer potent and fertile magnificence.