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Experts: Labour Policy of Unfettered Mass Migration Cause of NHS No Beds

LEEDS - England - A photo of a sick boy sleeping in an NHS hospital corridor cynically touted by Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a direct cause of the previous Labour government's migratory policy.

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The sheer volume of unfettered migration into the UK which was caused by Labour’s policies from 1997 under Tony Blair is the cause of no beds available in the NHS, and the terrible sight of young children sleeping in corridors.

N.B. THE VIRAL IMAGE OF A BOY LYING ON THE FLOOR IN AN NHS HOSPITAL WAS FAKED AND PUSHED BY LABOUR TO POLITICISE THEIR ELECTION EFFORTS –  “Very interesting. A good friend of mine is a senior nursing sister at Leeds Hospital – the boy shown on the floor by the media was in fact put there by his mother who then took photos on her mobile phone and uploaded it to media outlets before he climbed back onto his trolley.”

It’s a simple question of physics, if you let in too many people, and encourage NHS tourism, like Labour did when they were in power, then there are less resources for the indigenous population. Under Labour, over 20 million people were allowed in, and mostly from the poorest Eastern European countries.

The problem with socialism is that they have a policy of open borders in order to bolster their voting numbers. Socialist governments know that migrants will vote Labour in elections once they are naturalised. Labour does not care about migrants, they just use them to get votes. This unfettered migratory policy is a double-edged sword though because with an increased population and limited resources, all public services are severely strained. The mass migration force will take up limited NHS resources, public transport will be severely overcrowded and strained, the schools will be oversubscribed and with huge class sizes. With millions more people claiming benefits, there will be less money in the pot to care for vulnerable British people.

Nothing can function if it is deluged by vast increases of numbers using a service that is not designed or funded to compensate for the increase. This is just logic and physics.

Socialists do not think about how they are going to fund anything, they just spend and spend until the money is all gone, and everyone suffers, for many generations after, trying to pick up the pieces of the socialist profligate reckless spending sprees. People who vote for a socialist Labour government have nothing to lose, and do not think about the future,or have aspirations, they just want free things.

The late former PM, Margaret Thatcher best described the problem with socialism:

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

As is the case in Venezuela where the socialist government has left the populace eating from rubbish bins, and without vital medicines in abandoned hospitals.

Jeremy Corbyn’s despicable tactic of using a picture of a little boy sleeping in a corridor waiting for treatment is a direct cause of socialism’s failure yet he shamelessly displays the picture to the press as a political tool to garner votes, despite his party being to blame for this malaise.

Not only did Labour bankrupt the country after their tenure in government, but it ran the NHS to the ground with its mass migration policy.

Health tourism costs the NHS over £2 billion per year, with some patients leaving bills in excess of £600,000 each.

Britain is still recovering, and may not ever recover from a Labour government which brought the country to its knees from 1997 – 2010.

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