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McLaren NHS Ventilators Will Pump Oxygen at 350 MPH

WOKING - England - Supercar maker McLaren is one of a number of firms who have joined forces in a bid to massively increase the production of ventilators to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts: Labour Policy of Unfettered Mass Migration Cause of NHS No...

LEEDS - England - A photo of a sick boy sleeping in an NHS hospital corridor cynically touted by Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a direct cause of the previous Labour government's migratory policy.

Dying in a Corridor – NHS Today and Then

STOKE - England - The severity of the NHS's decline is not being reported and is being ignored.

Theresa May Wants My Organ and Yours Too

LONDON - England - Theresa May's organ donation reform sends a chilling message: that the state owns your body unless you opt out

INSIGHT: Healthcare in the USA

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Brits may not believe this, but in the USA people have to pay for all of their health care, resulting in some losing their homes.

Brexit Now: 35 Hours On NHS Trolley Only to Die a...

LONDON - England - As Britain's population grows exponentially due to unfettered migration, the NHS is left on its knees, used and abused by millions.

Latest NHS Waiting Time Statistics Show We Must Vote Leave

LONDON - England - Britain's health service, the NHS, is in dire straits as it is straining from the millions who have entered the country from the EU.

The Labour Party’s Support For the EU is Out of Touch...

LONDON - England - Chair of Vote Leave Gisela Stuart MP, has responded to new ICM polling - which shows that Labour voters think the current system of free movement of people in the EU is damaging, and puts unsustainable pressure on public services

Government Accepts EU Damages Our NHS

LONDON - England - The Government has admitted that the EU damages the NHS.

EU Referendum Video: Which NHS Will You Vote For?

LONDON - England - A hard hitting video released by Vote Leave shows the realities of the NHS if people vote to stay in the EU, and what could happen if we leave the EU.

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