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Bye, Bye NHS !

LONDON - England - The socialists who first created the NHS did not factor in many future changes that would occur.

In years to come, you will sigh as you say ‘remember the NHS‽’ it will be a distant memory, something cast to the farther reaches of the mind. Some will have fond memories of ye olde National Health Service, others will not.

In true human tradition, anything that is inherently good and supposedly free in this world is eventually abused, corrupted, violated, and plundered.

The NHS was a socialist utopian dream that was not free, though. The money to pay for it had to come from somewhere. Socialists firmly believe that there is a magical socialist money tree somewhere that bears 100 pound notes as fruit for eternity. Yes, it is a lovely thought, but reality is not something socialism as a political ideology close to communism is aware of.

socialist utopia hyperinflation

The Labour government of Attlee, who created the NHS, did not factor in an NHS used by half the earth’s population. Beveridge, who designed the NHS and Benefits system, actually was a eugenicist who stipulated that anyone who received benefits from the state should be sterilised. His lofty thoughts on that matter were unfortunately never adopted.

You see, the NHS as a system can function beautifully within a parameter where the nation’s population is relatively low, but it cannot function where the population is massively enlarged, and mainly consisting of non tax paying perpetually unemployed people.

There is no solution to a hugely oversubscribed entity bleeding money through terminal mismanagement and needless waste apart from complete collapse.

You may think things are all right when you eventually get a phone consultation with a GP in three weeks time, but your three-week wait and two minute rushed phone consultation is a very pertinent sign that all is not well in the NHS. In the 1950s, if you revealed that things would be like that in 2022, they would laugh at you.

Decades of unfettered mass migration into the UK from the world’s poorest countries encouraged by socialists effectively killed off their own socialist NHS dream. Prime Ministers like Tony Blair opened the floodgates into Britain, and the country is paying for this now as the people who came over were not rocket scientists, IT professionals or doctors, they were predominantly uneducated useless economic migrants from the poorest EU countries looking for British benefits…i.e the same sort of people coming over in dinghies from France every day by the thousand.

Okay, in defence of the likes of Blair and the socialists, their overall plan was to gain votes for elections by simply importing them into the country by the million, however with this strategy they did not realise they would not only overload the benefits system, but they would kill off their sacrosanct socialist project — the NHS. Finis!

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