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Poor People Could Be Sterilised Say Ministers

LONDON - England - Ministers at the Work and Pensions Ministry are drawing up plans for the future welfare state which will be implemented across Britain.

Iain Duncan Smith, the head of the Department of Work and Pensions is said to be adopting the initial plan drawn up by eugenicist William Beveridge who invented the benefits system in the 1940s. Lord Beveridge, at the time however did not implement the sterilisation programs he thought of but under Prime Minister Clement Attlee a softer approach was utilised. In the 21st century, society has changed and the Malthusian nightmare of over population is threatening nation states all over the world.

“Sir William Beveridge was a keen eugenicist and we’re simply going to implement his original plans for benefit recipients. It is no use for these ‘useless eaters’ to procreate or increase their numbers when they actually have no role in society apart from their parasitical taxpayer funded lifestyles. If you wish to receive benefits, then you must submit to the chop. We don’t want you breeding anymore as you are blighting the nation with yourselves and your feral children,” a member of the DWP revealed to the House of Commons gazette yesterday.

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary also holds the same views about poor people, and would also like a fast track sterilisation program introduced soon. The proposed programs would save trillions from the government budget, and thus safeguard future generations for a sustainable future.

In India, the sterilisation program is working wonders and the British government is watching with eager eyes. In America, there are also plans afoot for the Obamacare future, wherein those on welfare will be given the ultimate choice, on whether to continue receiving their benefits or not. In a society where there are not enough jobs to go around, and the majority of people are not qualified to be employed, there may be major problems.

“Instead of buying 3D TVs, these people, if one should call them that, should put their efforts into educating themselves and feeding their families instead of spending taxpayer money on booze, TVs and fags. It is these poor life choices and mismanagement of money which hinder their progress. I wholly agree with IDS on his stance on sterilisation. One must not stop at the feckless either, how about the immigrants who come here and take from our benefits system? If you wish to come to the UK, you should be sterilised at the port of entry. We can set up hospitals and surgeries for this. When 80% of Romania comes over in 2014, they will all be sterilised at the border,” Julie Ann Smothers, a key Whitehall policy researcher revealed to the BBC on Friday.

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