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Experts: Analysing Charlie Sheen

LOS ANGELES - USA - Charlie Sheen is displaying interesting psychiatric and medical symptoms that have been analysed by experts.

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Dr. Frederic Jean, is a doctor of psychiatry at the Swiss Clinic of Mental Health in Stadt, Switzerland.

“As a psychiatric practitioner Charlie Sheen’s manic linguistic display reveals a lot. He displays a manic schizoid personality exhibiting elements of bipolar disorder, and a preponderance towards addiction to narcotics, alcohol. This addictive personality manifests in many ways either sexually or towards any given subject his mind wanders towards. However, looking at his face, I see someone who is also HIV positive. I have encountered many patients who have the same type of gaunt features, and the ear lobes, skin complexion give away his condition.”

Professor Carol Litkin, of the California Institute of Medicine also gives her evaluation of Charlie Sheen.

“I have watched his interviews and conclude that Charlie has AIDS or is in the mid stages of HIV infection. Retroviral drugs give a person a certain look, and Charlie displays the same characteristics of someone suffering from the disease. I sincerely hope he is taking the necessary drugs that should curtail this infectious disease. He should be taking Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, Pls, CCR5s and others, however his facial features show the effects these drugs take on the body, so I assume he is taking them.”

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