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The Only Nurse Not On Strike

LONDON - England - Pictured, is the only nurse not on strike today across the NHS. Quite ironic, you don't think?

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Is it not quite ironic that the only nurse not on strike in the NHS today is a nurse accused of mass murder of babies? Yes, Lucy Letby, accused of killing seven babies in cold blood, is the only nurse not on strike today. Strange things sure are afoot at the NHS, and the ‘angels’ who are supposed to look after us are on strike, and there are some legitimate reasons for the strikes — the NHS is on its knees, literally.

Yeah, yeah, how many times do we have to explain the reason for this utter travesty and insane mess. It’s quite easy really, it’s called basic physics and maths. If you have a limited service and millions of people wanting to use that service at the same time, it just ain’t going to work, is it?

The nurses are striking today, and those crucial bum wiping sessions are going unanswered, so maybe you will have to wipe your own arse today if you are in hospital. There will also be no TikTok dances to horrible music by groups of laughing, giggling nurses at the end of your bed whilst you are gasping for air for the last time and your eyes bulging. Shame, imagine that image is the last thing you see on this earth.

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