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Prince Harry and Meghan’s Shame of Living in Grand Palaces

MONTECITO - USA - According to the latest moan-fest from Harry and Meghan on Netflix, the couple felt only shame whilst in the royal family.

Imagine the eternal shame one feels of being waited on hand and foot by butlers, maids and footmen in grand palaces full of history, adorned with priceless artefacts. Imagine never having to think about money for the rest of your life, and to be whisked around the world to any destination you want at the drop of a hat in private jets and royal yachts. This is the utterly shameful existence Meghan Markle and Harry ran from.

The chauffeurs, the multi-million pound weddings funded by the British taxpayer, and the immaculate security details looking after the couple were a terrible sin, a disgusting crime to behold.

The aerial view of Hampton Court Palace, a royal palace in the L
Aerial view of Hampton Court Palace, Borough of Richmond upon Thames

The utter travesty of those African trips costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, or the expensive functions and parties where the gourmet food and champagne flowed. How atrocious that literally millions of pounds were spent on Harry’s education and army training, yet he is still a dimwit, controlled now by a manipulative woke cult leader without a thought of his own anymore and out to ruin the British monarchy.

Windsor Castle, Buckinghamshire
Windsor Castle, Buckinghamshire

Spare a thought for the multi-million dollar baby shower party Meghan held in New York which was billed to the British taxpayer, or the numerous extravagant trips the couple took every six weeks to some exotic location for another permanent holiday.

The shame of never thinking about healthcare costs ever again and receiving the best care from the top doctors in the profession, or the multiple palaces the couple could visit at anytime, or the vast grounds that were their de facto playground.

Shameful stuff which should be denigrated and ruined by this whingeing whining couple of moaners. Please excuse us while we projectile vomit.

Buckingham Palace and Victoria Memorial at spring time.
Buckingham Palace and Victoria Memorial at spring time

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  1. The British monarchy will not survive much longer. Charles is a weak dithering fool who talks to plants and allows Americans to meddle in royal affairs. Meghan is running rings around them and the Yanks are behind her 100%,

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