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Either Everyone Goes On Strike or No One Does!

LONDON - England - If you're going to go on strike, you might as well do it properly. Not this willy-nilly, on off stuff.

“These inconsistent strikes are ridiculous, either everyone goes on a complete strike, or no one bloody does,” a man at an empty train station said on Tuesday.

The man has a point. If you are going to do something, might as well do it properly.We are therefore urging all unions to command their members to strike indefinitely for as long as it takes.

Trains, buses, nurses, bin men, doctors, air traffic, ambulances, teachers, journalists, sex workers, pilots, astronauts, civil servants, chimney sweeps, footballers, restaurant staff, delivery drivers, truck drivers, taxis, everyone needs to go on fucking strike.

Forget about paying your bills, your mortgage, your holiday, your credit card bills, your council tax, your HMRC accounts, your home insurance, your car insurance, just forget it all. You’re on a real strike, not some safe on off malarkey. Take a tip from the French, they know how to strike. The Gilets Jaunes are a prime example of strikers with real fucking balls. They practically laid waste to entire French cities and had the government begging them to back down.

The country would naturally come to a complete standstill as real strikes come into effect.

“That’s how you do a fuckin’ strike, mate. Like the miners did in the eighties. Just walk out and don’t come back until they pay you huge rises in salary. ‘Ere what is this on off shite? One day on, two days off, what is that? No one will bloody well notice that. Either you bastards all strike for months at a time or don’t bloody bother,” another angry geezer shouted at the top of his voice in a supermarket queue.

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