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Poll: 12 Million Turks Will Settle in UK Inundating NHS, Schools...

LONDON - England - A new poll has revealed that when Turkey joins the EU, 12 million Turks will ascend on Britain and the NHS will be under threat.

Government Admits TTIP is Threat to Our NHS

LONDON - England - The pro-EU government has admitted that TTIP is a threat to the NHS.

Alan Johnson is Out of Touch if He Thinks a Hospital...

LONDON - England - The leader of the Labour 'In' Campaign, Alan Johnson, has today branded people who support Vote Leave as 'extremists' and described the £350 million a week we send to Brussels as a 'drop in the ocean'.

Junior Doctors Would Not Be Striking if We Were Out of...

LONDON - England - If we Vote Leave on 23 June, we could afford to reintroduce automatic annual pay progression, which would cost just under £1 billion and is just 5% of our annual contribution to the EU.

Healthcare Workers Say We Should Vote Leave to Save the NHS

LONDON - England - In a letter today more than fifty healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics have called for the UK to Vote Leave to save the NHS.

Think Tank: Post Brexit Britain Should be Inclusive Yet Selective

LONDON - England - Anyone who crosses the Schengen line in the EU is given free access to everything within Europe. This is fundamentally wrong, because criminals, terrorists and anyone else who wishes to exploit the system is given free passage to do so.

Lord Owen: TTIP Will Kill NHS – Britain Must Brexit

LONDON - England - Former Labour Health Secretary and Independent SDP politician, Lord Owen today in a landmark speech, outlined the serious dangers to the NHS if Britain remains in the EU.

UK Gives £5.8 Billion More to EU Countries for Medical Costs...

LONDON -England - Vote Leave today revealed that the UK pays on average £723 million a year more to EU countries for the medical treatment of UK nationals than it receives back for treating EU nationals.

Vote Remain: Goodbye NHS

LONDON - England - The mass abuse of the NHS by migrants is at such a level, that there will not be a National Health Service in less than five years if people vote to remain in the EU.

Brian Blessed to Become Regular Fixture in All Maternity Wards

OXFORD - England - NHS maternity wards across Britain are awash with the roars of delight from Brian Blessed as he welcomes new life into the world.

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