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Junior Doctors Would Not Be Striking if We Were Out of the EU

LONDON - England - If we Vote Leave on 23 June, we could afford to reintroduce automatic annual pay progression, which would cost just under £1 billion and is just 5% of our annual contribution to the EU.



The Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling today commented on the junior doctors’ strike that will cause chaos in hospitals across the country.


“Getting to a proper seven day NHS could make a real difference to this country. It would be so much easier to pay for that change if we took back control of our £350 million a week contribution to the EU and spent it on our priorities. For example, the money at the heart of the current doctors dispute is just 5% of our overall annual contribution.


We shouldn’t be spending billions on the EU that could make our NHS better and help deal with its current challenges.


“The Remain campaign also need to explain how they would provide enough money and doctors to cope with the 3 million migrants they want to see come to Britain in the next fifteen years if we stay in the EU.


“The NHS is already running to keep up with the demands placed on it by the huge influx of people into the country and by the ageing population.


nhs corridor


Adding to the voice of reason was Vote Leave Chair Gisela Stuart MP, who said:

“On Jeremy Hunt’s watch the NHS has plummeted into financial crisis. This Government is hurting patients by starving the NHS of the funding that it needs.


“A small fraction of the money that the EU takes from us each year could be used to give junior doctors the pay settlement they are looking for and end these damaging strikes.


“If we Vote Leave and invest more in the NHS then we could end the current health crisis, nurse the NHS back to health and improve care for patients. We should spend our money on our priorities like the NHS.”




We send £350m to the EU each week – amounting to £19.1bn each year. This means that if we Vote Leave, we can afford to reintroduce automatic annual increases, as the increased cost amounts to only 5.1% of the annual EU contribution (the equivalent of just two and a half weeks’ worth of EU contribution).

Save our NHS by Voting Leave on June 23, you owe it yourself and your family’s health.

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  1. Can’t wait until we leave Europe so we can abolish strikes and human rights!

  2. According to my calculations over 100 people will needlessly die during the doctors strike. Nurses just aren’t qualified enough to deal with some serious medical emergencies. They’re going to use nurses who bless them are angels but they don’t have the full knowledge needed to cope with certain surgical or elementary procedures.

  3. I think the gov. have really lost it this time. Disgusting behaviour. Not only are they betraying the people by campaigning to stay in the EU but they are betraying our hard working doctors. I pity anyone who gets sick and needs urgent medical attention while the strike is on. Thanks to Jeremy C-unt our NHS is like a third world health care system Not Fit For Purpose!!!!

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