Brexit Now: 35 Hours On NHS Trolley Only to Die a Sordid Death

LONDON - England - As Britain's population grows exponentially due to unfettered migration, the NHS is left on its knees, used and abused by millions.



The state of the NHS, not only from health tourism coming into Britain on a constant basis, but from abuse of use by EU migrants, and drunken louts, is a disgrace to behold.

Call for an ambulance, and it may never come, that’s because resources are stretched way too thin considering the massive increase in population on this tiny isle called Britain. Dying on a trolley after a 35 hour wait is now just a common every day occurrence.

You may be in dire straits, your kid is sick and unconscious, the ambulance never arrives, in desperation you drive to the nearest hospital but are greeted by hundreds of people. By the time it comes around to your ticket, five hours later, your child does not have a pulse. The overworked doctors and nurses simply shrug their shoulders, there is nothing anyone could do. It’s another day in the dying NHS, an overcrowded death factory, where millions of desperate sick humans fawn for a simple five minute session with a weary eyed sleepless doctor.

nhs corridor

Why not visit the wards, where no one speaks English, or the maternity wards where Nigerian women fly in daily to Heathrow to have their quintuplets all paid for by the British taxpayer, expensively delivered, lock stock and barrel. After they drop their sprogs, they’re on the next flight out, never to be seen or heard of again, unless they have some life threatening emergency that is. Naturally, there are no checks on the deluge into Britain’s hospitals, and anyone can get treatment costing thousands without a word being uttered.

The sheer amount of wasted taxpayers money to health tourism per annum is astonishing, we’re talking £6 billion in eight years, not like a few quid here or there. Add on the massive influx from poor Eastern European countries, and the cost sky rockets although no one is saying a word about it.

The NHS when it was first introduced was only built for Britain, not for the whole earth’s population. This is why it will not survive in its current form for another three years tops, maybe four if the current borderless situation carries on.

It is imperative that Brexit is honoured, and that Britain’s borders are controlled heavily. The NHS has to implement strict checks on foreign health tourists, otherwise there will not be an NHS any more.