Mariah Carey Lip Sync a Comment On Today’s Music Biz

NEW YORK - USA - The music biz continues its precipitous fall into mediocrity, lip syncing, autotuned hell.



The music biz and charts today are filled with fakers, and you may say this has always been the case, however now it is completely filled with fake, non-artists, uncreative, putrid thieves who are not who they say they are.

Long gone are the days of true artists, what we have now in the music charts are template black rnb lip syncing autotuned clones, lip sync girlie bands, performing monkeys on the stage, selected to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and soulless vapid merchants of turd Muzak fit only as background noise in elevators.

The proliferation of shrill female dominated autotuned vocals everywhere leaves the world encircled by the lovely sounds of cats being slaughtered slowly, an oestrogen bubble where the young males of today have no role models left. Sure, there are men who sing along to the male denigrating feminist vocals, but these are cucks, sissy boys who are not men anymore.

Yes, there are cycles in musical taste but for too long, the music biz has been embroiled in banal mediocrity putting out so much dire shit into the charts that the populace is conditioned to accept it.

Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve exemplified how far the music biz has fallen, and it will fall further unless real artists, musicians are nurtured by record companies on a long term basis, and not just as cheap throwaways as we have now.