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Poll: 12 Million Turks Will Settle in UK Inundating NHS, Schools Unless We Vote Leave EU

LONDON - England - A new poll has revealed that when Turkey joins the EU, 12 million Turks will ascend on Britain and the NHS will be under threat.

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The survey was conducted in 27 provinces of Turkey.

In response to the question “If Turkey becomes a full member of the EU, and Britain remains in the EU, would you, or any member of your family, consider relocating to Britain?” 16 percent of the respondents said they would.

This conservative number means 12 million citizens of Turkey would descend upon Britain, although the numbers would be far larger in the long term.

Fast Track Turkey EU Membership

Angela Merkel is fast tracking Turkey’s EU ascension, and David Cameron is 100% behind the country joining the EU. UK paying £2 billion helping Turkey join the EU.

Germany is also brokering a visa deal with Turkey which will allow all 77 million Turks access to Britain’s NHS if they so wish.

The Turks cannot be blamed for wanting a better life with free health care, well paid jobs, benefits and a high standard of education which can be found in the UK. When they are given the opportunity, they will take it with open arms.

NHS Will Be Ruined

The drawback for Britain will be an overwhelming deluge upon the already strained NHS and other public services, which are under constant attack and have been inundated from years of EU migration after former Labour PM, Tony Blair opened the doors during his premiership.

If the UK does not Vote Leave on June 23 it will be sitting within an EU open corridor from Ankara to Dover. The NHS will be so overwhelmed that it will have to eventually be privatised and become a paid for service to survive. Schools will be overwhelmed to a point that indigenous British people will not be able to send their kids to school within their area, or at all. There will be no places for your children in local schools. Salaries and wages will be hit as the deluge overwhelms the UK.

Voting to remain in the EU is suicidal, and an act of ultimate destruction on Britain. Don’t do it.

Instead, You Must Vote to Leave to Save our NHS and Public Services.

Vote Leave on June 23 to save Britain.

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