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Juncker: “Britisher Deserters Vill Be Shot on Sight”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - In an extraordinary intervention, the EU president, Jean Claude Juncker has threatened Britain with 'consequences' if they do not vote to remain in the authoritarian EU regime.

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Jean Claude Juncker has threatened Britain once again with another comment about Brexit:

“If the British should say No, which I hope they don’t, then life in the EU will not go on as before,” he said. “The United Kingdom will have to accept being regarded as a third country, which won’t be handled with kid gloves.

“If the British leave Europe, people will have to FACE THE CONSEQUENCES — we will have to, just as they will. It’s not a threat but our relations will no longer be what they are today.”

Jean Claude Juncker’s father was a member of Hitler’s Nazi army and fought the Russians during the invasion of Russia in World War II. His wife’s fatherLouis Mathias Frising, was one of Hitler’s Propaganda Commissars, and was among those responsible for the Germanification of Juncker’s home country of Luxembourg. He also helped enforce the Nuremburg Laws that stripped Jews of their rights, and were a precursor to the Holocaust.

It is therefore, quite normal behaviour for someone like Juncker to act in an authoritarian fascistic manner as he is doing now by threatening Britons.

The EU has been orchestrating an organised terror campaign through the media called ‘Project Fear’ and it does not seem to be working very well.

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  1. I’m voting Remain, but I gotta admit, I’m finding it increasingly hard to justify it. Something about providing a check and balance agaisnt our own home-grown authoritarians… but if they keep going on like this I’m gonna have to give them the finger in June. Personal dignity would demand it.

  2. I’m surprised Juncker is even aware of anything. According to people on the ground in Brussels he drinks one bottle of cognac a day and many bottles of wine.

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