Why a German EU Army is Precursor to Imminent War With Russia

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU army is going ahead. The last time Europe had an army it was the Nazi army, and that didn't end so well.


The Nazis incorporated many different European nations into their army, much like Jean Claude Juncker and his friend Roderich Kiesewetter want to do with today’s proposed EU army.

Juncker is of course no stranger to the Nazis, as his father was a member of Hitler’s army push into Russia in 1941 codenamed ‘Operation Barbarossa’.

Juncker’s wife, Christiane, also shares an interesting paternal link with the Nazis. Her father, Louis Mathias Frising, was one of Hitler’s Propaganda Commissars, and was among those responsible for the Germanification of Juncker’s home country of Luxembourg. He also helped enforce the Nuremburg Laws that stripped Jews of their rights, and were a precursor to the Holocaust.

Currently the EU seeks to announce the commencement of the German-led EU army after Britain’s referendum, and if we do not vote to leave, future generations will inherit a conscription in the EU army to fight the Russian bear.

As the Germans have already absorbed the Dutch army, they will incorporate all other EU nations into the military force to eventually attack Russia. The German Bundeswehr is expanding for the first time since the Cold War.

By building an EU army on the doorstep of Russia, the Brussels eurocrats are teasing Russia, they are building what is seen as a direct threat to Putin, and this message can only end ultimately in war.

We have already witnessed what the EU’s incursion into the Ukraine caused, when Putin retaliated with the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

It is in Britain’s interests to stay out of the EU under its dangerous state, by leaving the EU, it would retain control but most importantly not threaten the Russian bear, unlike the EU army which will catastrophically set off World War III.

Vote Leave on June 23 – No to Germano-EU Army