Alan Johnson is Out of Touch if He Thinks a Hospital a Week is a ‘Drop in the Ocean’

LONDON - England - The leader of the Labour 'In' Campaign, Alan Johnson, has today branded people who support Vote Leave as 'extremists' and described the £350 million a week we send to Brussels as a 'drop in the ocean'.




Responding Vote Leave Chair Gisela Stuart said:

“The NHS is in crisis and it desperately needs more money. If we Vote Leave and take back control of the £350 million we give to the EU each week we will be able to give the NHS the shot in the arm it desperately needs. We should spend our money on our priorities.

“The remain campaign wants the elites to have more power and money, and not to give back control to the British people.

“Patients struggling to get care on the NHS will rightly think that they are completely out of touch when they claim that £350 million – enough to build a new hospital every week – is just a drop in the ocean.”

nhs corridor
‘The only way to save the NHS is to Vote Leave.’

Iain Duncan Smith said:

“I don’t know in what world it is extreme to want your democracy back. It’s not extreme to want democratic government in your country.

“These people in Remain really need to stop throwing threats and ridiculous terms around like this because it demeans them and it demeans the debate.”