EU Referendum: “You’re Doing What to My Country Mr Cameron?”

LONDON - England - The PM has upset the Queen again it has been reported.

The unsavoury incident took place at a Buckingham Palace function today where the Queen was told in no uncertain terms that if she didn’t vote to remain in the EU her beloved corgis might become mincemeat.

Mr Cameron was overheard telling the Queen the bad news, and it seemed to have hit home rather hard.

“Ma’am, may I have a word? Would you like the bad news or the bad news first? I’ve just had word through from my handlers in Brussels, and they say if you don’t agree to selling off the country for a pittance to the collectivist un-democratic EU, where you will lose the monarchy and forfeit the Crown and Britain’s sovereignty, Jean Claude Juncker will personally eat your corgis with some Hollandaise sauce, an accompaniment of celeriac remoulade, a plate of sole meunière washed down with a digestif of four pints of cognac. Then he will unceremoniously vomit onto the carpet in the White Drawing room.”

These nasty vindictive Europeans really should not upset Her Majesty in such an uncouth manner, someone needs to tell Cameron and his friends to fuck orf..