EU Referendum Video: Which NHS Will You Vote For?

LONDON - England - A hard hitting video released by Vote Leave shows the realities of the NHS if people vote to stay in the EU, and what could happen if we leave the EU.

Vote Leave has released its first referendum broadcast which focuses on the risks to the NHS of voting to stay in the EU. It shows a mother and daughter going to Accident and Emergency after the mother is taken ill.


It then shows two different realities: one if we stay in the EU and another if we Vote Leave. It shows how if we stay in the EU, the NHS will continue to be starved of cash and pressures from unlimited EU immigration will mean people will have to wait longer to be treated.


Outside the EU – after we Vote Leave and take back control – we will be able to spend billions more each year on the NHS and take back control of our borders. This will ease pressures on the NHS and will help people to get treated more quickly.

Vote Leave Chair Gisela Stuart said:

‘The NHS is struggling to cope with rising demand. The Government has simply not given it the funding that it needs.

‘Instead of handing over £350 million a week to Brussels we should spend our money on our priorities like the NHS.

‘If we Vote Leave we will be able to stop our money being spent on EU bureaucrats and instead invest in the NHS so that patients can get the best possible care.’