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Sarcophagus Found in A&E Could Go to British Museum

YORKSHIRE - England - The sarcophagus was discovered on a hospital trolley in a corridor, A&E staff for the NHS are claiming.

Ebola in Britain Could Be Like Black Death

LONDON - England - The government's complacency and apathy towards the spread of Ebola in Britain is no surprise to many, and could easily develop into plague like proportions.

Hospitals to Deliver Babies by Drone

BIRMINGHAM - England - Hospitals in Britain could be delivering babies by drone in the New Year, an NHS spokesman has revealed.

NHS Data: Got Drunk Ended Up in A&E When You Were...

LONDON - England - Prepare to lose your jobs, your life insurance and be bombarded by marketers as the government sells your private medical records to whoever wants them.

Why Saying Goodbye to NHS, Free Schools and Benefits Could be...

LONDON - England - There's no need to mourn the inevitable demise of Britain's much loved welfare system.

Britain Ready to Accept Cream of the Crop

LONDON - England - Britons all over the country are anxiously awaiting the cream of the crop European Union citizens from some of the poorest countries in the EU in 2014.

Ex Bottom of League NHS Surgeon Now Daily Squib Writer

LONDON - England - The new NHS league tables for NHS surgeons are now an automatic job recruiting tool for the world's finest (ahem) news source.

NHS Boss Dies of Thirst in Hospital

STAFFORDSHIRE - England - Sir David Nicholson has died of thirst after being ignored by nurses for six days in the Mid Staffordshire NHS hospital where he was undergoing routine treatment, the BBC has revealed.

NHS to Only Treat Healthy People

SCUNTHORPE - England - In a bid to cut costs, the NHS will from now on only treat healthy people, Health Minister, Rodney Benting, has revealed.

Home Surgery DIY Tips During NHS Doctors' Strike

LONDON - England - During the doctors' strike, you may need urgent surgery or treatment for certain ailments. The Daily Squib would like to give both of our two readers some important tips that could save their lives in an emergency.

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