Brian Blessed to Become Regular Fixture in All Maternity Wards

OXFORD - England - NHS maternity wards across Britain are awash with the roars of delight from Brian Blessed as he welcomes new life into the world.

“And another one!” Brian Blessed roars as the seventh baby is delivered popping out of its mother.

There are smiles all around as he expertly bites into the umbilical cord and spits it into a bin in the corner of the room whooping with joy.

Brian Blessed is now a regular in maternity wards across England, Scotland and Wales and his roaring voice can be heard welcoming babies into the world from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

“I won’t have a baby if Brian’s not there to do the honours, he’s a blessing,” Nina Carmichael, 26, from Llandudno told her local newspaper.