Why Any Particular Political Party in Government is a Form of Extremism

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - If one defines extremism it is simply "the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism" and this definition can easily be applied to any political party in government today.


Analysing today’s Western political entities is an exercise in analysing extremist policies, for example the American socialist Barack Obama who has a religiously extremist defiance to gun ownership in the Unites States and his extreme championing of homosexuality; or Britain’s David Cameron who has an extremist view towards the United Kingdom staying in the EU.

The European Union is a de facto dictatorship holding extremist views towards mass migration and its policy of free movement.

The American progressive socialist movement in America has extremist views that encompass feminism and homosexuality as well as the ‘global warming’ sovietised doctrine that pervades over every facet of life in their little goldfish bowl. These extremist progressives also stifle free speech with the use of extremist outrage and shaming to shut down any viewpoint that is not part of their extreme movement.

If one was to analyse previous political and governmental entities, for example the Bush neocons, their extremist views encompassed war and Christian religious extremism, and in Britain, the Labour socialists are extremists when it comes to welfare, purely because they want to extend their voter base. Under the Labour government from 1997 to 2010 surveillance was increased to such levels that it could be deemed as an extremist move. There are now eleven CCTV cameras for each person in the United Kingdom.

Extremism is so prevalent in any given government’s policy that it is quite hypocritical to call other groups extremist but they do on a daily basis because when something is not enshrined within the auspices of government it is vilified as extremist by the government for whatever agenda is required.