Healthcare Workers Say We Should Vote Leave to Save the NHS

LONDON - England - In a letter today more than fifty healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics have called for the UK to Vote Leave to save the NHS.



In the letter they argue that the Government has ‘starved the NHS of necessary funding‘ and that if we Vote Leave we will be able to spend more on the NHS.


The letter concludes: ‘As healthcare professionals who have worked for the NHS for years we believe that the best choice in the EU referendum is to Vote Leave on June 23rd and save the NHS.’


Thousands more NHS workers have signed up to back the Vote Leave ‘Save our NHS’ campaign, but do not want to be named publicly as they are worried about the pressure that would be put on them by the Government if they speak out.


Commenting, one of the signatories, Dr Philip Cunnington said:


Billions of pounds of UK taxpayers’ money is sent to Brussels every year while the NHS is starved of funding. Let’s Vote Leave on June 23rd and take control of our spending, allocating it to important things such as the NHS’.


Vote Leave Chair Gisela Stuart MP said:


‘The NHS is struggling to cope with rising demand. The Government has simply not given it the funding that it needs.


Instead of handing over £350 million a week to Brussels we should spend our money on our priorities like the NHS.


‘If we Vote Leave we will be able to stop our money being spent on EU bureaucrats and instead invest in the NHS so that patients can get the best possible care.



Letter text


Dear Sir,

The NHS is a great British institution that families rely on in times of need. But as it slips into financial crisis the NHS itself needs some urgent attention.


The NHS is being asked to make huge cuts at a time of rising demand. Patients are having to wait longer for treatment, hospital deficits are increasing and doctors are on strike after being told they must take a pay cut. The Government must accept responsibility for this – they have starved the NHS of necessary funding for too long.


If we Vote Leave on 23 June we will be able to spend more on our priorities like the NHS. If we put the billions that currently go to EU bureaucrats into the NHS instead it would hugely improve patient care. For example, the £350 million a week we hand to Brussels is similar to the entire yearly Cancer Drugs Fund budget.


As healthcare professionals who have worked for the NHS for years we believe that the best choice in the EU referendum is to Vote Leave on June 23rd and save the NHS.


List of signatories


Dr Abdullah Abbasi Clinical Fellow Accident and Emergency Dept Wye Valley NHS Trust
Carol Akrbi Retired senior carer
Iain Ashworth GP tutor
Dave M Bruce NHS Paramedic
Janet Bugg Practice nurse
Nigel Butterworth Paramedic Practitioner with Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.
Andrew Cobb Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Nicola Colley Midwife
Dr Philip Cunnington General Manager (IAPT), Primary Care Mental Health
Professor Angus Dalgleish Professor of Oncology
Dr Peter Dawson GP
Nisam Deen Psychiatric nurse
Giselle Devereaux Community nurse
Guy Dickinson Retired GP
John Dilks Retired Mental nurse
Geraldine Douglas Retired RGN nurse
Sarah Elliott Administrator for patient experience
Gill Fairclough Retired RGN nurse
Wendy Foster Practice Manager – NHS GP Surgery
Samantha Green A&E nurse
Joan Halton Retired community nurse
Brian Halton Retired ambulance patient transport driver.
Sarah Hardy NHS Property Manager
Mark Higginson Nurse
Nicola Hill Staff nurse
Dr Charles Holford (retired) Consultant General Surgeon MS (Lond), FRCS (Eng), MRCP (Eng)
Dr Timothy Jardine-Brown Retired GP
Robert Jeakins Ambulance Care Assistant
Dr Teck Khong GP
Michelle Knight Qualified nurse
Karen Layton Healthcare assistant
Rachelle Lewis Retired nurse
Susan Lisemore Retired ITU nurse
Dr Peter Minnis Junior Doctor
Dr William Morgan Retired GP
Dr Thomas Nixon Ophthalmology Registrar
Nicholas Palmer Ex MLA Cytology
Thakorbhai Patel Retired pharmacist
Dr Kim Peacock Retired GP
Dr David Ratliff Retired GP
Michelle Reilly Nurse
Michael Schweiger Community First Responder
Margaret Scott Retired nurse
Marsha Shack Student nurse
Dr Paul Smith Retired GP
Dr Laurel Spooner Lead Clinician
Dr Michelle Tempest Psychiatrist
Dr Merion Thomas Consultant Oncologist
Liz Troy Community psychiatric nurse
Robert Watkins Healthcare Worker offender health
Stephen Webb Operating department practitioner (ODP)
Dr Klaus Witte Associate Professor and Consultant Cardiologist
Katrina Woodrow Kinesiologist
Clive Wraight Healthcare Assistant

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