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Brexit Would Not Be Political Arson Mr. David Miliband

NEW YORK - USA - Former foreign secretary says EU referendum poses question of whether to shore up international order or contribute to its destruction.

“Leaving the EU would be an act of political arson that risks the destruction of international order,” the former foreign secretary David Miliband has said.

Since when has reclaiming Britain’s sovereignty, its rights to make its own laws and economic affairs and securing its borders been a risk to the international order? When we Vote Leave on June 23, there will be minimal risk to the international order as Britain will retain its ties with Europe as well as NATO and the United States. Britain will retain its seat on the UN Security Council and will still have the world’s fifth largest military budget.


“It means forsaking our position at the negotiating table and abandoning our international responsibilities – unilateral political disarmament. No nation in human peacetime history has voluntarily given up as much political power as we are being invited to throw away on 23 June.”

Absolute rubbish and falsity spouted from an out-of-touch exile. Miliband is scaremongering with false pretensions and lies. Britain would not forsake its position on any negotiating table. However, Britain in the EU is outvoted on a constant basis with little or no influence in any EU laws costing the UK £2.4 billion each year.


“The British question is not only one of what we get out of Europe. It is also one of whether we want to shore up the international order, or contribute to its dilution and perhaps even destruction,” said Miliband, who now heads the International Rescue Committee in New York.

The International Rescue Committee received €28,525,880 from the European Commission in funding in 2014 alone, so of course Miliband would say that. Shoring up the international order would increase with a Brexit, because the UK would then forge more lucrative global trade deals and still retain the EU business. The international order would be further strengthened with a strong economically viable Britain.


“Britain cannot solve these problems alone. But we do more in and for the world than our modest size would suggest. At our best, we lead in defending the values, building the structures and defining the substance of international cooperation.

“If the world is increasingly divided between firefighters and arsonists, then Britain has for centuries been a firefighter. This is no time for Britain to join the ranks of arsonists and there should be no doubt that Brexit would be an act of arson on the international order.”

Freedom to conduct ones own business is NOT arson Mr. Miliband. You are scaremongering and showing a defeatist attitude. Here is a man who had no qualms in pushing for Britain to join the euro currency in 2002, which would have been a major disaster for the country and its economy. Here is a man who signed us up to the Lisbon Treaty and misled the public about the power of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The world is even more divided now with the EU in existence than since World War II, who is Miliband kidding? The EU has stoked tensions in Ukraine, and the Middle East. The EU has created a passport free area for terrorists, and smuggling of high grade weaponry. Paris, Brussels, London 7/7? Securing our borders on Brexit will ensure our security, in the EU Britain has no control whatsoever of its border integrity.

Outside the EU Britain would prosper economically and even the ONS admits it. Moody’s has also refuted claims from the Project Fear camp.

We must therefore Vote to Leave on June 23, for the sake of Britain’s security, economic development and international standing.

Do not listen to defeatist scaremongering from the likes of failed politicians like David Miliband, and his equally lacklustre brother.

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