Think Tank: Post Brexit Britain Should be Inclusive Yet Selective

LONDON - England - Anyone who crosses the Schengen line in the EU is given free access to everything within Europe. This is fundamentally wrong, because criminals, terrorists and anyone else who wishes to exploit the system is given free passage to do so.


Selective migration is something that should be adhered to post Brexit Britain, where each individual case is reviewed before entry to the UK.

Wouldn’t it be better to involve people who are beneficial to the UK instead of hindering its progress and economy?

The current Home Secretary, Theresa May seems to have things the wrong way around, when she is deporting skilled workers from the rest of the world with Tier 2 visas, yet still allowing anyone from the EU to settle in the UK regardless of their qualifications or criminal records. There is no logic in this action by the pro-EU members of the government and their debilitative stance on migration is an affront to good economic sense.

With the NHS falling victim to endemic levels of health tourism leaving its coffers empty, and other public services reeling under the strain of mass unfettered EU migration to Britain, there should be a re-think into migratory policy when Britain leaves the EU.

Post Brexit governments should therefore think clearly in defining the usefulness of incoming migrants, and tailor laws to be inclusive in a fair manner, yet discriminatory towards those who will be a burden towards the economy, justice or welfare system.

The fate of Britain’s economy now rests on voting to leave the EU on June 23. Britain has always welcomed diversity, and innovation, and we must think globally with distinction of those who will be beneficial to the long term standing of the country, or to remain in an unordered chaotic bloc and be flooded further killing off the NHS, the schools, the welfare and essential services.