Brexit Boost: The Dutch Fight Back Against Soviet EU Expansionism

AMSTERDAM - Netherlands - The result yesterday in the Dutch referendum regarding Ukraine is a step in the right direction and will boost the will of the people of Britain to vote for a Brexit.

Britain, as a nation, has the power now to stop the EU dead in its tracks, to eviscerate its Soviet expansionist collectivist ideals and to regain Britain’s sovereignty.

Just as the Dutch stood up to unelected eurocrats behind the scenes, so too can British voters on June 23 stand up to years of unfair payments, ridiculous diktats, rip-off prices, and move Britain to global International status once again.

We must stop the planned TTIP legislation proposed by the EU rendering our NHS into a privatised mess, we must stop the further encroachment of legislated Brussels laws onto our parliament where we have no say, we must stop the unfair trade deals brokered by the EU, and forge our own deals globally opening up new markets for our businesses and corporations.

We are stronger out of the EU, our NATO ties will always be there, our cooperation with Europe will always stand, and our security will strengthen outside the EU but firmly still in Europe, and a major part of the International community.