Vote Remain: Goodbye NHS

LONDON - England - The mass abuse of the NHS by migrants is at such a level, that there will not be a National Health Service in less than five years if people vote to remain in the EU.


“Because of the mass influx, and abuse of the system, if you need an ambulance, you will not get one. If you need immediate medical assistance you will not get it. If you need medicine to keep you alive, you will not get any,” an NHS official told the BBC.

The horror stories that flow out of the NHS even detail some instances of £181,000 being spent on one single migrant.

There is little or no money left in the pot, and staying in the EU will increase the migration into the UK.

“The millions of migrants being accepted into the EU, only have to wait for a few years before they become EU citizens and are free to move within the open Schengen zone,” EU official Dietmer Schloss, told Euronews.

One concerned British citizen said: “Imagine if your child is sick. You call the ambulance. No one comes. What do you do? You voted to remain in the EU, and you will have to live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life — especially your child’s life, who is now lying dead in your arms.”