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Remember 7/7: Britain Not Safer in the EU

LONDON - England - It is not safe for Britain to remain in the EU. Were the victims of 7/7 or Paris attacks safe in the EU?

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The people who want to remain in the EU keep repeating the slogan ‘Safer In’.

Were we safer IN the EU on 7/7?

Were the unfortunate innocent commuters who were blown up mercilessly safer IN the EU?

No! No! No!

And if you vote to stay in the EU, it will get worse. We will see more attacks because of the open door Schengen policy.

Already, thousands of Jihadis have entered into the EU from Syria with little or no checks and it will get worse, a lot worse.

If you vote to remain in the EU, think about the victims on 7/7, think about the Paris terror victims at the Bataclan club, were they safe IN the EU?


May it be on your head, because it only makes sense that Britain is safer OUT of the EU. We can make the necessary adjustments, we can deport dangerous criminals and terrorists, we can defend our borders from attack.

If you vote to remain in the EU, you will NOT be safer IN. Safety only comes from voting to get OUT of the EU.

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  1. I’m not sure if I believe in all this psychic nonsense but every time I read something on the DS it happens sooner or later. Absolutely amazing. Psychic or what? Intuitive? Whatever it is it’s amazing.

    • My aunt is psychic. She knows something is going to happen before it happens. It freaks us out all the time.

  2. Certainly no more safe to stay in, anyway. It’s NATO together with the hopefully restored and complete self-control and protection of our own borders achieved by leaving the EU that will.

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