Experts: Paris Friday 13th Schengen Massacre a Tragedy That Could Have Been Avoided

PARIS - France - With no borders, no checks, no curtailing of the unfettered mass immigration streaming into Europe's Schengen zone, there will be more and more terrible terrorist attacks in the EU on a perpetual basis.


Europe is under attack and this time, the world’s most beautiful city, Paris, is once again being desecrated by the nihilistic evil of religious extremists.

After the horrible Charlie Hebdo attacks it was only a matter of time that another atrocity would be committed on Paris.

Schengen means that the EU is defenceless to attack. In a time of war, to be so defenceless is to invite attack, but the EU does not hear common sense, they have closed ears to any form of logic, especially when you have people like Angela Merkel inviting half the third world into the European Union.

We will see many more deadly attacks, almost as a common occurrence from now on, as cowardice is rife, not only amongst the terror givers but the so-called leaders who ignore the people crying for all the migration to stop.

The rain glistening Parisian boulevards are once again dripping in blood, a testament to the horror of religion, the horror of unfettered immigration and the horror of EU leaders with cotton wool firmly plugging their ears to any voices of sanity.

There will be no end to the killing as long as the Schengen zone is operational, just more blood.

Now is the time to close the open door, if not, then say goodbye to all that you own.


Bataclan HQ

The above picture of the Bataclan massacre is posted as an illustration of the horror committed on Friday 13th November 2015. Censoring such an image, we believe, is an affront to the true reality of the situation innocent Parisians were put through that fateful night.