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Merkel: “We Must Welcome More into EU”

FRANKFURT - Germany - "Wir schaffen das," Angela Merkel has as a mantra, much like Obama's Marxist cry "Yes We Can" there is a resolute determination to undo thousands of years of European history in one fell swoop through collectivist techniques.

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What is the modus operandi of Merkel and the Marxists in control of nations around the world? It is to destabilise national borders, to disintegrate all forms of sovereignty and to collectivise all property.

“Collectivisation means that all previously private property ownership will be collectivised for the state, and this is the Soviet goal of Merkel and her communist Chinese cohorts. To achieve this, it is imperative to first destroy the old capitalistic system through any means possible. Mass migration is an excellent tool for this and as a technique in so-called peace time is a relatively covert way of destroying previous cultures, society and economy,” Arthur Sandown for the Strategic Alliance think tank in Geneva, Switzerland recently wrote in a white paper.

How will collectivisation affect you? Eventually all your private property will belong to the state. The Soviet system currently incorporated by the Obama led United States and European Union is still under a faux capitalistic economic lie, which is undergoing metamorphosis towards overt Soviet Dictatorship fuelled by a profound attack on free speech through the Soviet system of political correctness. The use of techniques to terrify the population into giving away their freedoms is another element to the changes afoot.

Winston Churchill once said: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

And you will share all your belongings forcibly with others in abject misery, for this is the ethos of socialism, a doctrine that brings equality to all in one bucket of miserable unhappiness. Of course, the ones at the top of the pyramid in Marxist, Communistic, Socialist systems, the high party officials will live a life of privilege, but you the serf, the peasant, will live a life of poverty in your socialistic utopia of slavery.

The globalism we have now is spearheaded by the EU and communist China.

You get the leaders you deserve, and now you can enjoy the fruits of your voting abilities.

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