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La Guerre: Now is Time For French and UK Military Draft

PARIS - France - In light of the recent attacks on civilians, if there ever was a time for a full military draft and increase in military expenditure now is the time.

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“We need to build a military society, increase spending to all military units by 80% and bring in a full draft for all citizens from 18-35 to defeat ISIS,” a man in a Parisian street told a crowd to many cheers.

The population is now ready to fight, they are sick of seeing daily reports of killings and needless murder, and now is the time to seize the onus on the atrocities taking place day in day out and bring in a draft for all citizens.

Military spending in France is a paltry 53.1 Billion dollars per annum which is a measly 1.8% of France’s GDP as of 2015.

In the UK, military spending is a mere 2.1% of GDP worth only $61.8 Billion per annum.

Contrasting the current military budgets, welfare budgets for France are 32% of GDP and Britain’s massive welfare bill is 24% of GDP according to the OECD. These are ridiculous sums of money to be wasting when they could be spent on military technology, training, weapons and soldiers.

With these pathetic military spending numbers leaving key European countries begging for attack in a time of war, there is no option but to do something fast to increase military expenditure or most of Europe will be defeated in less than five years time.

The military draft should replace the benefits and welfare system where taxpayer money is poured into an endless black hole never to be seen again resulting in a weakened population. It will give the citizens a purpose, especially those who are in their youth and with nothing to do but go on benefits.

Western Europe must think of these key issues now or in the future their cities will be even more defenceless to attack. Citizens within Europe and the UK must also be allowed to bear arms, as an unarmed citizenry is a liability to the inner security of any nation.

If you are a French, British, European citizen and want to make a difference, you can join the military now. If enough people start joining, maybe the sleeping politicians who are turning a blind eye to the real problems of the globe will wake up. Bombing from afar will not do anything, we need boots on the ground, but first we need to be prepared.

 “The commander must decide how he will fight the battle before it begins. He must then decide who he will use the military effort at his disposal to force the battle to swing the way he wishes it to go; he must make the enemy dance to his tune from the beginning and not vice versa.” — Viscount Montgomery of Alamein











The West is far behind, whilst the youth are mollycoddled, spoilt, there are ISIS children being trained to kill Westerners and have adopted a military society. Unless the West pushes back, they have no chance in the future as ISIS gains strength every day without boots on the ground.

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  1. Seriously a military conscription is the one thing we really need right now especially in the UK. Like Israel every man and woman has to do their duty. We’re a tiny island we need to do something otherwise we’re finished.

    • Well here’s a crazy idea that might just work…


      • It’s not just about Muslims you ignorant piece of sh1t. Are you so ignorant that you can’t see we are at war with more than mere carpet praying people?

        • I agree that Whites are at war with more than Muslims. Mostly race traitors like yourself and the Zionist government who backs the genocide of Whites are the real problem here.

          • We got a wild one here. This guy thinks he speaks for all white people. You sir are a dumbfvck of the highest order. When you say white you mean white anglo saxon protestents right? What about white people from the Urals? Or white communists who want you dead, or white Jews who would have you arrested for being a Nazi? What about those whites?

          • You know what. You can have your precious Muslims. I hope they take over your countries and they can do whatever they want to your die-versity loving asses. At least I can respect Muslims as men over you pathetic race traitors.

            Jews aren’t White FYI. And the only White communists I see are you and every Muslim lover here.

          • The Muslims are coming to America you idiot. Are you dumb? Obama just okayed 200,000 Muslims from Syria. Have fun fvcker.

          • Well what the hell is your problem then? You just admitted that Muslims are destroying everything yet you attack me for wanting to kick them all out of White countries. What the hell do you stand for then?

  2. The draft is coming folks whether you like it or not. My advice, start training now, be vigilant, learn about survival techniques and how to handle a gun.

  3. I believe in preparation but the draft may be too excessive for some of
    the soft weak people I see on a daily basis. These are people who cry
    over twitter posts, who get outraged on Facebook comments and are feminized
    pussies, and I’m talking about males here. These terrorists are going
    to have a field day if they get a foothold in Europe…..oh dear they
    already have…? Bring on the draft make some people into men and not
    unarmed faggotized whining jibbering liberal wreck holes….look at them running?


    • Or here’s a crazy thought, deport all Muslims, build a wall along Europe’s borders to keep them out, use the volunteer military to patrol the borders instead of forcing people into slavery.

    • Actually I agree with you one hundred percent here although for different reasons. At least you are more intelligent than anyone else here even though your spelling and grammar still suck.

      First off White Europeans are being tricked into fighting a war for Israel and their lapdogs. Yes let’s bring in millions of nonwhite immigrants into Europe who have no desire to assimilate and have nothing in common with White European culture. Let’s outlaw firearms in most these countries, promote diversity, promote White hatred and guilt, jail those who disagree with us. Now that the chickens have come home to roost those governments want to force people to fight their wars and for their interests when these same governments are responsible for this mess. To hell with that. No wars to further Zionists, the NWO and the multiculturalists.

      A war can be avoided by the means I’ve mentioned previously.

    • Yes the Israelis refuse to allow non-jews into Israel, strict immigration laws, a wall along their border. However unlike Israel Europe does not need a drafted military. Bring home the troops to patrol Europe’s borders.

      • I disagree, I think it would be good for young kids to be drafted, regain a sense of pride once again.

        Bring back the draft and turn boys into men. I can see you’re a frightened young man at the prospect of being in the military. This is why you should join, it would be a good thing for you.

        • Ok then raise the draft to age 80 so everyone is drafted. I always noticed the people who love the draft so much are those who don’t have to worry about being drafted due to age, disability, gender, or connections. End all that and let’s see if you still support a draft.

          • I’ve served in the British Army as paratooper, 5 years, served in Bosnia, Afghan, Iraq, Somalia thanks.

            You should be made to join the military, it’s no longer acceptable to hide at home behind your keyboard.

          • Moron all you did was fight foreign wars when the real battle was in your own backyard. You did jack for your nation and people with the exception of allowing White women to be raped by nonwhite invaders when you were having a grand adventure in some third world crudhold.

            Everyone clap for our hero over here.

          • Moron I didn’t say to get rid of the military. I have no issue with a volunteer force and I realize they are an important part of society. What you need to do is have your volunteer force stay and protect your borders instead of sending them half way across the world to die.

            What’s suicide is allowing Muslims to stay in Europe. Deport all Muslims, bring home the troops to defend your borders and you won’t have terrorist attacks within your borders anymore. Problem solved and I didn’t have to resort to enslaving my native population.

            Wow me arguing against the draft and being against foreign conflicts when the real danger is within your borders automatically equates to I hate the military and want to abolish them. You people are idiots.

          • Do not bother with the dissenters they are deluded in conspiracy theory. I would afford you great respect for your duty to the British Army if you yourself actually have served. These are times when we need true soldiers to do their duty.

          • Yes go halfway across the world so more White women can be raped and beheaded at home. Great strategy there chief. I mean don’t deport Muslims and non-Europeans, establish an actual border and bring home the troops to patrol that border or do anything that makes a lick of sense.

  4. We’re sitting ducks. I want to learn how to defend myself and I’m thinking of joining the Foreign Legion. I have hears it’s very hard but the training is one of the best in the world. I am from the UK. After what has happened in Paris I am ready.

  5. We are in the first phases of WW3. ISIS is a tool to mix things up as the old system transforms. Sooner or later there will be a draft. We should embrace a society of military morals as this piece suggests because if we don’t we won’t survive the next stage.

    • No what you do is remove all non-Europeans (Muslims, Arabs, Africans) from Europe and repatriate them to their countries of origin. You leave the Middle East alone and bring home the troops. Use your existing military as border patrol and build up your defense. A draft is slavery and has no purpose in a free society, especially when the governments have long betrayed the people.

    • Agreed, bring back the draft. You’ll have young kids terrified though, but that’s a good thing, time to turn boys to men.

      The draft would be a great policy.

    • ISIS was created and supported by the higher echelons of the Western pyramid it serves a very important purpose and that is to create fear. Now they have a new bogeyman to focus on as a unitary force for the populations. WWIII is the purge.

    • Better idea is join a nationalist group instead of fighting for a government that will keep importing Muslims and sent you overseas to fight a useless war when the real fight is in your own backyard.

      • Don’t listen to him John. Nationalist groups have no power. They can’t do anything apart from protest. John, you are making the right decision.

        • Yes John you goyim fight for Israel and your masters and go off to die in a foreign war so the government can keep importing Muslims to attack your loved ones back home.

  6. Here’s a better idea. Deport Muslims and all non-Europeans from France and the rest of Europe instead of bringing them in to blow up your countries. Why should Europeans be enslaved and drafted to fight foreign wars when their government isn’t doing their own jobs.

    • I actually see the plan for draft is a good idea. The reason is that you cannot just deport people too costly and they will run and hide. Draft is a great idea because Muslims will flee of their own volition. They don’t want to be drafted to fight Muslims so they will leave themselves. It is the best plan. If I was younger hell I’d join up right now any way. 🙂

      • Ok why should Europeans be enslaved and drafted when their own governments betrayed them. Their governments let these invaders in and now they are telling the European people that they will have a number of years stolen from them because the governments wanted diversity so bad. Besides that Muslims in the Middle East aren’t the problem or threat, its Muslims inside Europe that are directly threatening Europeans. You don’t need an army of slaves to deport invaders, just use your police and military to round them up.

        • When you join the military you are not a slave. The military does not want slaves. Where do you get that?

          • What part of FORCED military service don’t you understand. You are forced to take part in an organization that gives people virtually little or no say in what they can and cannot do. That is slavery.

            Again if you support the draft then you should be forced to take part in it.

          • Ah yes the whole since you agree to pay taxes there’s no reason you should be against a draft.

            With taxes my money goes to services that I still use and are an advantage to society at large. While I agree that many programs are a waste of my tax dollars and I would rather not pay taxes to support them, the fact of the matter is that there is a need for and benefit from tax.

            Second being taxed I only am stripped of money. With a draft you are stripped of time which unlike money is a finite source – if I lose five minutes I can never get those five minutes back, they are lost forever. If I lose five bucks I can work an extra hour to make five dollars.

            Furthermore a draft strips people of their freedom, individuality, pride and many other things. You do not have any say whatsoever in the military. When an officer says to jump, you are expected to jump no questions or complaints are allowed. With taxes I do have some say with how they are spent as I can vote for a leader who will promise to spend my tax money how I see fit. With a draft soldiers cannot vote for officers or drill instructors.

          • Okay so you’re American. Time is precious no doubt, but if it came down to the wire, would you be prepared to defend your life, your family and ultimately your country or are you going to stand around debating it and some Jihadi/N.Korean/Russian sticks a bayonet in your guts? If you don’t fight you will die a death of cowardice and no honour. You can fight to survive with honour dignity bravery. That is time well spent.

          • Actually my fight would be with the government importing Muslims into Western nations. Again throw all Muslims out along with non-European people and set up a border across Europe with armed volunteer soldiers. And impeach all traitorous politicians. Stop fighting wars in the Middle East or abroad because that’s not where the fight is. Why should I or any sane individual go abroad to fight for a government that is responsible for these attacks and will continue to import Muslims into Europe/America while White men are away fighting abroad.

            Ah you bring up Russia. See I knew that the purpose of drafting White Europeans was to eventually fight another White European country just like World War One. Let’s import Muslims have them attack and kill civilians then enslave White Europeans to supposedly fight these Muslims and then declare war on Russia as well as North Korea which has never invaded a White nation.

            Wake up White man! Once again you are being played for fools.

          • Deport all Mexicans back to Mexico and build a wall across the border. Bring back all American troops from the Middle East to use to patrol the wall. With blacks I would send all recent black immigrants back to Africa. With blacks who have been in the U.S. for generations I believe in giving them a state or two – Florida would be perfect where they can make their own laws and live separately from Whites.

          • How are you going to make them do these things? First you have to find them. You did not mention the Jews btw.

          • Ok so your logic is we can’t throw Muslims/nonwhites out because they will run and hide yet if we implement a draft then Muslims/nonwhites will voluntarily leave Europe because they don’t want to be drafted…

            Umm okayyyyyy……

            You really believe these Muslims won’t hide in their own neighborhoods instead. During the Vietnam War draft evaders hid and were protected in communities. And these were peaceful individuals who used peaceful means to avoid the draft. The Muslims on the other hand will have no issue attacking cops/agents looking to arrest them for draft evasion. Hell the police are too scared to arrest a Muslim rapist because the neighborhood wouldn’t hesitate to attack them. Not only that the police would have their hands full with Whites refusing to be drafted let alone with Muslims.

            Again you might as well kick out the Muslims/non-Europeans as I have proposed. Sure they will run, hide and fight deportation but at least you aren’t forcing your own people into slavery.

          • Muslims make up less than 1% of the U.S. population. I think you have a bigger problem with Mexicans and African Americans who hate whitey. Most Muslims are peace loving people it is only the Jihadists who are extreme, much like the Neo-Nazis, Christian evangelists and extreme right wing groups. Again for the third time I ask you, what are you going to do with the Jews in America?

          • I was talking about Muslims in Europe but the same can go for Mexicans and blacks in America.

            Most Muslims are not peace loving people. The liberal ones are still anti-White, just like those Arab university professors who bash White men. Either way they belong in their own nations, not Europe, Australia, or North America.

            See this is why I can’t stand a person like you. You love die-versity so much and you are willing to enslave/draft White people just so you can eat at a Moroccan restaurant down the street. Because God forbid we do the sensible thing and deport all non-Europeans. No, you youngsters will be forced to fight in a foreign nation while we allow even more psycho Muslims into Europe to displace you so I can eat at a Arab restaurant.

            As for jews, all jews will be repatriated back to Israel.

          • Ok Mr. Chicken Hawk your great plan is force a draft on White Europeans and force them into foreign conflicts because you really believe the Muslims will just voluntarily leave. Where the sensible, easier thing which wouldn’t take away the rights of Europeans would be to kick Muslims out of Europe, build a wall along the border, and bring home all troops from the Middle East and use those troops to patrol Europe’s borders. Yeah I’m the insane one here… right….

          • You worry about your own back yard son. Building walls did not do much for anyone. It’s better to go out there to fight so you don’t need to build prison walls for yourself.

          • Yes goyim, fight wars for Israel so you can get more White men killed in needless wars.

            Also will you be joining the military or expecting others to fight while you sit on your butt from the comfort of your own home?

          • Again genius you can avoid having to fight by simply deporting all Muslims/non-Europeans and voting out all traitors in government. A war can be avoided. The fight is in your own backyard not in the Middle East or across the world.

            I’m not a coward I am intelligent and I understand what is at stake. All you are going to do is die needlessly thanks to your traitorous government. Your government is to blame for this mess.

          • Uhuru War – you hate White people but refuse to separate from them. I guess you refuse to give up those White tax dollars to live off of and plentiful White women to rape.

          • By the way Roosevelt did the same thing as the European politicians during World War 2. He set up oil embargoes to force the Japanese to attack so the U.S. could get in a war with Germany. The European politicians are allowing Muslims who don’t want to assimilate to immigrate to Europe so they can send Europeans to invade Middle Eastern nations and fight for Israeli interests.

      • Also if you support a draft then make the draft ages 18-80 so you can be subject as well to the draft as well if you support it so much. I’ve always noticed the only people who support a draft are those who are too old or have connections to get out of one.

        • If you’re such a nationalist why won’t you fight for your country? If the draft was instated tomorrow 99% of Muslims would leave.

          • At the expense of White European’s freedoms. Most Muslims would hide anyways in their neighborhoods if a draft was put in place. Heck the traitorous politicians would probably exempt Muslims anyways. The police in most European nations are too scared to go into a Muslim neighborhood to arrest a Muslim of rape or murder. They sure as heck aren’t going to arrest Muslims for dodging the draft.

          • There are serving Muslims today in the British army. Some will fight others who are the strict Wahabi type or Jihadis will leave. Evading conscription is a criminal offence and if found irrespective of religion carries a 5-year sentence in jail. In WW1 many dodgers were put in front of firing squads I doubt they’d do that today.

          • Good luck enforcing that when you have thousands of Muslims in their neighborhoods refusing to be conscripted and willing to fight police who are too scared to arrest Muslims for real crimes such as assault, rape, and murder.
            Again your plan is to sacrifice White European’s freedoms many of whom will probably refuse to be drafted as well in the hope that Muslims will leave when you can avoid that and just throw them out to begin with.

          • You have a very limited view. Not everything is black and white. It figures you are a Yank. Probably never been out of Kentucky.

          • And you are what we Americans call a Chicken Hawk. You didn’t join the military when you were younger yet you expect the younger generations to fight when they had nothing to do with these destructive policies. The older generations just sat back and let their governments enact suicidal policies such as immigration from the Middle East because it wasn’t their problem and to hell with Europe’s future.

            Draft everyone up to age 80. All Chicken Hawks will be forced to clean up their own messes.

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